Month: January 2013

  • Photo of the Week | Jan. 21-25

    Photo of the Week | Jan. 21-25

    Technician deputy photo editor John Joyner said: In this photo, Greg used several techniques to put together an excellent photo from the Study Abroad fair. Using a wide aperture, he was able to include the two students in the background flanking the model Eiffel Tower to add context to the photo, but they were sufficiently…

  • Photo of the Week | Jan. 14-18

    Photo of the Week | Jan. 14-18

    Technician photo editor Natalie Claunch said: Instead of uploading a safe picture of the Vanzant behind the podium, Chris captured a moment that portrayed the passion of the speaker. This gives us a much better idea of Vanzant’s personality and is visually interesting. Chris placed Vanzant on the right third and used a relatively shallow depth of…

  • Photo of the Week | Jan. 7-11

    Photo of the Week | Jan. 7-11

    Agromeck photo editor Katherine Hoke said: The way Max framed this photo is both interesting and dynamic. The spiral line of the chair draws viewers’ eyes around the image and towards subject. Max did a nice job of filling the frame while still providing context. The photo also works well because it spotlights a student’s…