NC State
Graduate Student Association

Executive Board

The executive board oversees the administration of the GSA and serves as the first line of communication between the GSA and the rest of the University at large. When contacting the GSA, it is normally better to address the entire exec board to ensure that your message is heard and answered, but if you need to reach out to a particular member, they are listed here for your reference.

    • President: Deveshwar Hariharan
      • Executive Liason for the Special Projects and Political Action Committee
      • Addresses graduate student concerns, Inter-University networking, communicates with the graduate student body
    • Vice President of External AffairsAdam Schmidt
      • Executive Liason for the Community Service Committee
      • University standing committees organizes GSA community service events, represent GSA
    • Vice President of Internal Affairs: Melissa Mitchler
      • Executive Liason for the Department of Outreach and Leadership Committee
      • Best Practices Award, Representative resource, and constitutional amendments
    • Vice President of Academic Affairs: Kuncheng Song
      • Executive Liason for the Research Recognition Committee
      • GSA Award for Conferences, Graduate Research Symposium
    • Vice President of Communication: Pragna Bollam
      • Executive Liason for the Publicity Committee
      • Listserv, website updates, and technological concerns
    • VP of  Student Governance Relations: Troi Davis
      • Represent the graduate students in student governance structures
    • Secretary: Monica Rathod
      • Executive Liason for the Teaching Effectiveness Committee
      • Outstanding TA Awards, meeting minutes and historicizing the organization
    • Treasurer: Thaddeus Paulsel
      • Executive Liason for the Social Committee
      • Yearly budget, honoraria/block grant, social events



We would like to thank our faculty advisor from the Graduate School, Peter Harries for his continued support and guidance in our work.