NC State
Graduate Student Association

Research Spotlight Contest 

Hosted by NCSU Graduate Student Association 

November 1st- April 21st, 2021 



  • To highlight new, emerging, and soon to be completed graduate students research projects at N.C. State University.



  • Please introduce yourself, department, year of graduate study, and major.

  • In a brief summary, describe what you’re working on as part of your research study?

  • What is the main focus of your research?

  • What is/are the possible impact(s) the research outcome may have on North Carolina and beyond, if applicable?

  • When do you anticipate your research to be completed?



  • Upon receiving the final submissions through April 15, 2021, three prize winners will be announced. Prizes will be determined in early March. You will receive an email if you have been selected as a winner.

    Good Luck!


To compete in the contest, please contact our Vice President, Internal, Asiya Naser-Wright