NRHH is limited to 1% (93) of the current student body living on campus. Once inducted, members are considered to be in the top 1% of residence hall leaders across the nation.

If you would like to apply to be a member of our organization, please fill out our application, which can be found here. Applications are due March 24, 2019 at 11:55 PM.

Our current active members are:

Adrienne Nip
Aidan Mangan
Alex Singleton
Amanda McCloskey
Ana Williams
Andrew Cunningham
Anna Martin
Arianna George
Auston Gray
Ben Wendt
Brittney Craven
Calista Caballero
Carly Burnette
Chad Butts
Charlotte George
Claire Cajka
Darian Deanhardt
Emily Breines
Emily Waun
Emma Beard
Erin Lisi
George Dou
Hailey Andrews
Imani Smith
Jackson Mishoe
Jessica Montgomery
Joseph Vaccaro
Julia Sartori
Justice Thomas
Jymil Licorish
Kaavya Rajiv
Kailyn Lamm
Kaitlin Bratt
Katarina Smith
Katherine Klietz
Kathryn Martin
Kevin Hogan
Kimana Weekes
Kimberly Jeans
Liam McManus
Lindsey Baron
Logan Boyles
Mark Menechella
Marzanne DeLapp de Anaya
Maya Hoon
Meilin Walker
Megan Wong
Michael Lewis
Mikayla Price
Noah Grady
Olivia Simmons
Paige Plaskonos
Rachel Pfenning
Ray Barney
Ruhani Panwala
Samuel Sanger
Scotia Shaw
Shelby Saboo
Tara Lavrik
Tirrezz Hudson
William Gothard
Zoe Kaegi