Meeting Minutes

E-Board Updates:
VP of Service – Kevin: You have until 11:59 PM on LDOC to submit your service.
VP of Administration – Kailyn: As the semester winds down, I know that you all have many questions about your points total. You have a couple more weeks to get those in, and there has been an influx of questions. With that, from now until graduation, I will ONLY be accepting questions about points if you ask via the NRHH email. If you text me, DM me, email my personal email, or snapchat me at 3 AM asking about points, I will not respond. If you email the NRHH email at 1 AM, do not expect a response from me at 1:02 AM. I check the NRHH email multiple times a day, and I will respond to your email as soon as I can. Also, thank you for bearing with us as we have navigated the first year of the points system. We are aware of discrepancies and we are looking into problems that have been brought to our attention, so please bear with us. I love y’all, but I love my sleep just a little bit more. Thank you.

2019-2020 E-Board Elections (night 2):
VP of Service – Kevin Hogan
What does it look like to combine the two elements of leadership and service?
Having a debrief on service events on how has the service event affected you and connecting it back to leadership aspects. I take time to build relationships instead of coming in with a hero complex. It’s about applying your leadership qualities to how you serve.
What is your favorite part of being in this role?
Being able to watch the little moments. Watching people have fun, not just meet a requirement, and watching them be successful. I like watching the impact we can make.
What instrument do you play?
What is your favorite OTM?
It’s actually about Kailyn. I didn’t have to think about it, the words just fell onto the page. I think she serves in an underrated role.
I like the font choice in his PowerPoint, which is important. I think it shows he took time to create his project, and it wasn’t a generic layout.
He seems his time schedule is busy, but he presented the same time schedule when he was first elected last year and he has handled this year wonderfully. I don’t think we have to worry about him committing to this role.
I think that him being so committed to marching band shows a lot of discipline because it shows a lot of character and is a difficult thing to do.
Vote: 15-0-0

VP of Recognition – Jackson Mishoe
How do you plan on actually implementing the discipline of boosting OTM and recognition?
Have the RAs do them and spread it to their residents.
With that, could you host an IRC/NRHH sponsored program that entices residents to learn about it?
You can use PackChats to talk to residents. You can help them facilitate writing OTMs with your residents.
To you, what are the primary goals of this role?
To me, recognition gets left behind, and I think recognizing people is so important.
Is one of your goals this year to require RA staffs to complete OTMs or am I hearing that wrong?
Maybe not as a requirement, but having that conversation about implementing them more.
How do you foresee that conversation happening?
It would probably be easiest to do that at training, and have a presentation to show each RA staff and one to show residents.
How will you encourage people to write OTMs about more diverse categories?
It’s a battle. Again, having the conversation on why that’s important.
How would you combat the apathy of RAs?
It is an individualized thing. Find the RAs that care and get them into NRHH and IRC.
Why do you think recognition is important?
Without recognition, you won’t have people excelling in your community. I think it is important to bring people into the limelight and for people to know that they are being recognized for doing a good job.
To what extent are you planning on targeting other housing staff?
Planning meetings with other staff members.
There are a lot of people on this campus to have conversations with. How do you plan on having the time for that?
I think it is encouraging you all to have those conversations with others – it wouldn’t just be me.
How do you recognize recognition?
I have written 5 OTMs in my first semester of NRHH.
Have you spoken to the previous VP of Recognition about how they’ve handled being in this position?
We mainly spoke on the responsibilities of the role.
What are your ideas for more forms of recognition?
I want people to present on programs that they’ve got going on or presenting new ideas.
What is your favorite color?
Blue and purple.
Move to extend two minutes – seconded
How do you plan to engage off campus NRHH members next year?
Well they’re getting off campus, so what is happening off campus that inspires you? They are also required to do it.
Move to end Q&A.
I like that he’s enthusiastic, but it is hard to see what his plans are and how they will come to fruition.
His goals for the upcoming year seemed to target RAs heavily.
Requesting information: Why do we have VP of Recognition?
Yield to Cassandra:
Cassandra: Last year, the VP of Recognition role was more robust. We were able to have recognition events for RAs and staff. This year, the role’s hands have been tied. We are no longer allowed to spend student fee money on employees, which was the bulk of our recognition events. This year, we weren’t allowed to do that, so we have had conversations on how to revamp this position with that fiscal change. But with the year being as tight as it was, we had to cut down events. Recognition is one of the pillars of our organization, so we will never take that away. This position has changed the most drastically.
Sam: There is also a lot of behind-the-scenes work. We compile OTMs, sort them, and there is a 10-day period where we do stuff behind the scenes on the campus and regional level to ensure they are voted on properly.
I was hoping to maybe see something outside of OTMs.
I think it is important that you are choosing the person. Ideas come and go, and ideas can get better, but it is more important to think about who you’re choosing.
He did mention how this was his first semester, so he has not had time to watch what Sam has been doing. I think we should take that into consideration.
I think that his presentation showed a willingness to fill the role and an appreciation for recognition.
Vote: 11-3-2

A note from Cassandra: I am aware that some communities have thoughts on the inconsistencies on whether or not an RA community writes monthly OTMs. NRHH does not have jurisdiction to decide on the OTM writing requirements within each community on campus. But I can advocate for you. I meet with CDs over the summer about IRC and NRHH. I can advocate for you on behalf of your frustrations, and I welcome any questions or concerns you would like to be addressed. Please email me ( if you have frustrations about the requirements within your area that you are not okay with. I do not have office hours, but we can meet by appointment. I want to help as much as I can, but I need to know these things that are troubling you all.

President Election: Kaitlin Bratt
Q: Why did you eat a ghost pepper?
A: I like spicy things.
Q: Why do you want to bridge the gap between IRC and NRHH?
A: We are sister organizations, and IRC is a lot more well known and we are working to change that.
Q: Why do you want to re-run?
A: I want to build community.
I like that she broke down her time commitments.
I think she’s great and we should vote her in.
Her conference experience shows that she is fit to lead this organization.

VP Membership & Selection: Erin Lisi
Q: Why did you choose this position to run for again?
A: I loved being VP of Admin, but I felt like my strengths would be better fit for this role. I tend to be more on the extroverted side, which is good for helping people get excited about our organization.
Q: What are you hoping to see from the Big/Little program in years to come?
A: Community. In my head, I vision when we started of like, families to be revealed at inductions. When I came into NRHH, there weren’t many people to sit with.
Q: Have you met the goals for your big/little initiative and what do you feel you could change about it for next time?
A: My objective for the first year was to just initiate it, so yes. But my goal would be to root it into our organization this upcoming year. If I get re-elected, I maybe wouldn’t do it at inductions, but would give bigs and littles time to get to know each other before inductions. Make it more personal.
Q: How do you feel candidate membership has impacted our organization?
A: We’ve had one candidate member so far who is now an active member in our organization. They are able to be committed to the organization through that trial period. It allows for the time for individuals to see if NRHH is or isn’t for them.
Q: What is your current major?
A: Secondary science education, middle grades or high school science. I’m so excited to go teach.
Q: What role prepares you for your position next year other than being VP of M&S this year?
A: I’ve been an RA for 3 years in 2 communities under 3 supervisors, which has prepared me as I’ve dealt with many situations and many different people. I have a good way of dealing with most personality types.
Q: Favorite candy?
A: Peanut M&Ms.
Able to see her role up close. Does it very well. Perfect fit.
Like her vision for next year and taking what she’s already accomplished and running with it.
Whereas it was good to initiate the big/little program, it has been difficult to see it’s growth.
It would be difficult to see how she would implement the big/little program.
She’s good at getting people to go along with her idea. She is very passionate in everything she does. I think if she puts her mind to growing the big/little program this year, you will see it succeed well.
Laid very good foundation this year.
Called to question. Gone into a vote.

VP of Administration – Emily Waun
Q: What do you think the responsibilities of this position are and what specifically have you done to fulfill those?
A: A lot of the responsibilities of this role have to do with record-keeping. One thing I have done to prepare is that Kaitlin and Cassandra gave me the opportunity to take meeting minutes when Kailyn was unavailable. Also, filling out the duty log as an RA has helped a lot.
Q: How do you want to grow the current social media?
A: Social media – I have never been in control of a group’s social media accounts, but I want to be active through that because it is so important.
Q: What has been your favorite event/experience within NRHH?
A: First one is getting inducted. I heard about this organization through Justice. I was going with him and fell in love with the organization through that and “y’all became my people.”
Secondly, going for VP of Finance. I ran from the floor completely last minute and was scared out of my mind, but it has become a wonderful experience that has helped me grow a lot.
Q: Favorite color?
A: Pastel yellow.
Q: What is your biggest concern about serving in this position?
A: Keeping up with it, because it is a lot of stuff I’ve never done before. However, I do feel prepared for it. Huge advantage where a lot of it is online, so I can always double check and make sure I’ve done things I need to do between classes and on the go.
Q: If you had to be any food in the fridge, what would you be?
A: Ice cream.
Appreciate her transparency. Recognizes it is new, but prepares to take it on.
Positive energy; has good suggestions
Appreciate her humility and transparency
Even though she was not in the position this year, she has prior experience as exec board member.
Through her experience this year and running for the position, she has proven she’s willing to serve.
Experience as an RA
Gave thoughtful answers and there was intention behind every response

Meeting adjourned.

Welcome Dr. Olson and Dr. McGilliard!
Membership and Selection
Make sure any nominated humans apply
Remember to go to the voting GA meeting
National winning OTM for January!! Congrats Austen!!
February OTM announcements coming out soon
Remember to write March OTMs!
Talk to me about running for VP of Recognition!
Fill out Banquet RSVP by April 1st
Will be at McKimmon Center
Be on the lookout for updates on succulent sale!
No updates
Volunteer with Service Raleigh and NRHH!
Search for NRHH Iota Rho Gamma
Might be 8 hour day but not for you
Athletics sponsored event next friday, free meal and free t shirt
Table for NRHH 3/30
Can sign up for sustainability event in general
Succulent sale at sustainability event
Prep counts as non-GA event
Next two meetings will be ELECTIONS!!!
Cassandra will be facilitating elections
If submitted letter/email of intent no need to apply, if no letter/email of intent can still apply
Application must be emailed back to CASSANDRA
Speak to members currently in those roles you’re interested in
More in depth this year
Application will be open for a week/week and a half
Leadership Activity
Facilitated by Kevin
“Coming out stars simulation”
Important Updates
Succulent sale prep and event
IRC/NRHH Sustainability event 3/30
E-board applications go live TONIGHT!!
Meeting adjourned

VP of Membership & Selection
Nomination form closes Saturday
Easy way to earn 10 points by nominating people
The link is in the last two emails
Application closes 3/24/19
Non-GA voting meeting on 3/27/19
Inductions on 4/18/19, 6:30-8:30 PM, Talley 3222
VP of Recognition
OTMs for February are due tomorrow
OTM Writing Party 2/28/19 at 6 PM
Pizza and drinks
VP of Administration
Please read my emails
VP of Finance
I don’t have anything, I hope you are having a good day
VP of Service
Dog Toy service event
Working succulent sale shift = 1 point per shift
NC Science Fair will be hosted here and have reached out for volunteers
Will send out a link
Service Raleigh
Historic Yates Mill Park is our service site
Will let you know more info as I get it
Succulent Sale Prep will be non-GA meeting but the actual sale will count as service.
The e-board and our advisor wanted to discuss with y’all the possibility of combining the VP of Admin and VP of Finance roles for next year.
Will suggest if you are interested in the VP of Finance position, run for VP of Admin so you can have both responsibilities.
Historically, the VP of Finance for our organization has not had many duties.
We are going to try and have VP of Finance vacant for the next elections so we can fix our constitution to better reflect our practices in the summer.
Leadership Activity by Emily
What’s In Your Cup?
We only have a couple more things before Spring Break

Meeting Adjourned

QOTD: What is the best and worst purchase you’ve ever made?
Executive Reports:
VPMS: Erin
Nomination form will open on February 17, 2019.
Nomination form will close on March 3, 2019.
Applications will open on March 3, 2019.
Applications will close on March 24, 2019.
Non-GA voting meeting, March 27, 2019 6-7 PM
One of two dates for inductions: either April 18th or 19th
Erin explains how nominations work.
VPR: Sam
OTMs submitted to the region and the state.
Next OTM writing party in the last week of February.
VPA: Kailyn
Widget in the works.
Check my emails.
VPF: Emily
Bohemian Rhapsody movie night
VPS: Kevin
Sorry for the confusion on Kay Yow volunteering
Kailyn and I will be rocking out True Colors later this month.
Take some time to fill out the point system review form.
If you feel like you can’t give enough feedback, don’t fill out the form so we can get a solid response.
Succulent sale form hasn’t come out yet.
Pres: Kaitlin
Workshop will be held next Wednesday in Turlington for conferences.
Advisor: Cassandra
Cassandra was unable to be here tonight.
Leadership Activity: by Kailyn
Discussion about disability inclusion on campus and how we can make NC State more ADA accessible

Meeting Adjourned

1/30/19 Meeting Minutes

Adrian from Leadership and Civic Engagement begins meeting
Goes over the mission statement and vision statement of LCE
Goals of Service Site
Allow NC State orgs to engage with volunteers efficiently
Easily create group volunteer efforts
Understand the impact we have in the community
Easy to get involved
Create an account
Volunteers are able to directly respond to posted needs.
Hit a link to sign up
Keep track of volunteer hours
Follow organizations
Sign in with NC State Shibboleth
Join volunteer teams and groups
Create and track NRHH’s progress
Easy to join NRHH group
If you are interested in creating an organization, you can sign up an agency on the website
Justice: Would it be easy to transfer ownership of the organization?
Yes, it can be transferred
Adrian Pavone |
Roll Call | QOTD: What weird food combinations do you really enjoy?
Executive Reports
VP of Membership and Selection
Filled out membership retreat form / t-shirts
We are planning a retreat and need to know about how many people are interested
Candidate membership: if you have any first year students you would like to nominate for candidate membership, please let me know
VP of Recognition
Write OTM by tomorrow night
OTM writing party tomorrow night – there will be Dominos
VP of Admin
Please help with widget
VP of Finance
I have nothing, good to see you.
VP of Service
Krispy Kreme Challenge
You will get credit for running and volunteering
Check the new service site for new opportunities
Please still fill out our NRHH service form
Succulent Sale: Service event; Google Form will be sent out soonish
I apologize that the t-shirts aren’t here, but we will have our shirts in two weeks.
If you are a new member, or have never received a t-shirt from us, you get to take one
I have nothing, live your best lives

Meeting adjourned.

Executive Reports

VP of Membership & Selection: Erin Lisi
-Big/Little Program update
-If you were just inducted, you should have a big.
-You will be able to get points credit for actively participating in the Big/Little Program.
-New Member Expectations:
–Points System: 50 point maximum.
–15 points in Membership, Recognition, and Service, plus 5 extra points anywhere else.
–Points can be earned in many ways: see Constitution/website for details
–You are allowed one inactive semester during your time in NRHH.
–Service counts in and outside of the organization.

-VP of Recognition : Sam Sanger
–Many OTMs submitted in December
–2nd in the region for the OTM cup
–Work together as a goal to be 1st place again
–How? Submit OTMs and winning them on the regional and national levels.
–Increasing the quality of OTMs helps increase the amount of winners we have.
–Qualifying OTMs must be 300 words and must be in the right category.
–The website has a lot of information about OTMs
–OTM Writing Party, January 31st from 6-7 PM
–Good way to connect and have fun writing OTMs

-VP of Administration: Kailyn Lamm
–Come up and ask at the end of GA meetings for any questions you may have regarding points.

-VP of Finance: Emily Waun
–I don’t have many updates now but will jump in on succulent sale updates later.

-VP of Recognition: Kevin Hogan
–I have updated the website for our upcoming events
–Krispy Kreme Challenge, MLK Day of Service

-President: Kaitlin Bratt
–Meetings from here on out will be in DABNEY 220
–Succulent sale:
—Sign up sheet will be out closer to the date if you wish to volunteer
–We have a new logo

-Advisor: Cassandra Jenkins
–I am working on getting you card access, and I’m sorry for your troubles

-Leadership Activity: Tallest Tower

-School of the Year Bid
–Bids are awards, essentially
–Please fill out the quote form for NRHH School of the Year Bid

Meeting adjourned.

Our President was not able to be here due to a conference in San Francisco, so Erin Lisi, our VP of Membership & Selection is leading this meeting per our constitution. We also have Claire Bailey, the CNBD, Zooming in to our GA meeting.

-Executive Board Reports:
-VP of Admin:
–Our voting meeting was supposed to be in Dabney 330, but it will actually be in Turlington basement, as our basement has been fixed.
–If you are curious as to how many points you have, please make sure you email me, but please email the NRHH email and not my personal email so it is all in the same place.
-VP of Service:
–We will be making thank-you cards for the military after our voting meeting on Nov. 14.
–The Night Walk will count as 4 service points.
–We are collecting pop tabs and canned food for the food pantry, and the max you can get in each category is 4 points.
–A Place at the Table and the Special Olympics of Wake County have volunteer positions open.
-VP of Finance:
–I created a budget for the succulent sale and it will be sent to PAC at a later date.
-VP of Recognition:
–We had 23 people vote on OTMs, which is great.
–Justice Thomas was the first person to achieve all 15 of their service points.
–We are currently reaching out to other schools to see how we can better OTMs.
-VP of Membership & Selection:
–NCC Devlin Santos has asked me to share with you all that our NCARH delegate application is open.
–Voting Meeting: 11/14 6-7 PM in Turlington Basement
–Inductions: 11/27 6-8 PM in Talley 3285
–All the new inductees will be inducted
–Big/little reveal will happen then
–Cord recipients
–Cord recipients: you have until you have graduated to receive those cords if you do not have them by inductions.
–Question: What does a non-GA meeting count as again?
—3 points
-Leadership Activity
–We went around and looked at quotes that were posted around the room and put sticky notes next to quotes we identified with.
-Closing remarks:
–Leadership isn’t easy.
–Leadership is about thinking other people and not just yourself.
–There is a difference between being a leader and being a manager.
-Leadership Activity
–We had to list 20 different things we valued ranging from people to places to goals to things.
–Then we had to go through and eliminate them.
–We opened up the floor to share how this was a vulnerable experience.

Meeting Adjourned.

Erin: We will give our executive reports at the end of our meeting. We want to give Dr. Barry Olson all of the necessary time.
Dr. Barry Olson

My focus in higher education is racial identity.
As a white male, I wanted to focus on things through a lense of privilege, power, and how we better prepare people for this thing called multiculturalism.
The pain and power that comes with it.
Lately, there has been a large group of folks who look like me who are saying they’ve lost all of their power. They haven’t, but it is important for us to chip away at those false ideas.
If you are in a position of power, with it comes great responsibility. But know, with privilege, you can act for good or choose to do nothing and act for evil.
There is one privilege that all of us in this room share: higher education.
26% of world population will have a bachelor’s degree
13% will have a master’s degree
3% will get a PhD.
You are told not to waste your time in college.
“You have four years, make it count.”
If you want to work in a trade, do the best job you can.
I had no exposure to higher education, but was expected to go.
Shifting back to the topic at hand, how many of you are going into a career where you will just see people like you every day?
No one. Diversity is a good thing.
We also have folks steeped in a lot of privilege for most of their life, and now they are realizing they may have to work harder to get things that were once handed to them.
Peggy McIntosh’s “Unpacking the Silver Knapsack”
Came up with a list of privileges that she had
Band-aids were only peach colored until recently.
She didn’t have to fear for her life if she got stopped by a cop.
As a white male, I have the power of privilege.
I can use my voice of privilege to step in and speak out for others.
I could also get away with not saying anything, but again, with great power comes great responsibility.
How many of you have had a deep discussion about race in the last few months?
One of the best things we can do is to listen and understand.
A person of color should not be expected to tell their stories.
It is not their job.
Read a little. Educate yourself.
You can’t turn minorities into a spectacle.
An individual who is a minority is not expected to be the speaker for their entire identity.
You don’t want to put people in a position where microaggressions occur.
It is important to get to know people first.
Learn what connects us before learning what divides us.
These aren’t easy conversations especially if you’ve never done it.
My dissertation:
Wash, rinse, repeat.
Engage: You hear a racist joke. You feel it is your job to respond. What happens with your emotions when you choose to confront that situation?
Your anxieties skyrocket. You may feel the urge to puke.
Easy way to disarm a racist joke: “I don’t get it.”
See also: “Shut the hell up.”
What you’re telling them with this conversation is that this behavior is not tolerated in this space.
Will they stop telling racist jokes completely? Probably not. But they will probably stop within earshot of you, so there is there is a small difference.
As you continue to have these difficult dialogues, they become easier to have. You are bolder and conversations are smoother. This is the rinse portion.
If people are being racist, bigoted, etc., ask them to explain whatever they’re saying.
“You’re in favor of the Confederate flag because you say it is part of your heritage? Explain your heritage.”
Everyone brushes their teeth. If you see someone with some green in their teeth, you tell them about the green thing in their teeth; you don’t tell them they’re a dirty person.
Confront the problem, not the person.
The point is: You have got to call it out in order to remind people that what they say isn’t always appropriate.
Failing to talk about things does not solve the problem.
We need to talk about things.
Sometimes it is more important to talk less and listen more.

-Question of the Day: When you’re having a bad day, what do you do to make yourself feel better?
-Leadership Activity – video on the negative effects of donation in natural disaster
–We found it a little shocking that bottled water could be so detrimental.
–It’s a little strange that people would send off stuff like frostbite cream to Rwanda.
–The logistics that come with any relief effort and how the challenges can be getting the items and getting them to the location of disaster.
–We talked about how to ensure donations are helpful instead of harmful and the logistics of those.
-Why does this matter to us?
–Service is a lot of what we do.
–We have to be conscious of the impact, whether positive or negative, we have on those we are serving. It’s important we think critically to move toward solutions.
-Tangible steps NRHH can take to lessen this issue?
–Choosing a specific organization to support helps us have a greater impact.
–Be responsible and do our research the different organizations we are supporting or how we make donations or how we serve different communities.
–Keep in mind the bigger the organization, the bigger the overhead of that organization, so there is a fine line between using the donations to help others and paying their employees.
-Executive Reports
-VP M&S – Erin
–I’ve made the nomination form for inductions.
–Induction date: November 27, 6-8pm Talley 3285
–Nominations will be a little different.
–You are able to nominate as many people as you would like.
–If you would like to get the maximum amount of points (10), you can nominate up to 5 people, but only 2 of those people can be RAs.
-VP Service – Sam
–For September, there were 42 OTMs submitted.
-VP Admin – Kailyn
–Caption Contest
-VP Finance – Emily
–No updates, stay safe and dry during Hurricane Michael
-VP Service – Kevin
–Bag stuffing for SAACURH has been MOVED to Thursday, October 18 from 6-8 PM
–Location TBD due to flooding
-President – Kaitlin
–The reason I showed the video is because we will be helping our friends at UNCW to help fundraise after Hurricane Florence.
–We will be discussing with higher-ups to figure out logistics.
–Succulent sales in the Brickyard.
–The fundraiser would count for service points since it would be up to participants to sell the succulents and create the advertisements for it.
–We are looking at getting a new logo.
–I’ve reached out to Red Eye and they will get back to us with ideas for logos.
–We are displaced due to the Turlington flood, so we are looking to find a permanent relocation for GA meetings.
–Barry Olson will be here for our next GA meeting.
–Please fill out the form whether you plan to attend or not.
–Thank you to those who volunteered for SAACURH.
–About 80 volunteers.
-Advisor – Cassandra
–I just want to clarify about our fundraising. We are able to fundraise, we just can’t have our fundraising funds go into our official bank account that is attached to Student Fees. I think it is a great idea -and we will work it out.
–Other than that, please stay safe during the rain and wind tomorrow and good luck on your upcoming exams.
-Fundraising Suggestion – Charlotte
–My fraternity bought dozens of donuts and sold them for a dollar a donut. I’m pretty sure it’s pretty straightforward to sell it in the brickyard.
–This is a good suggestion. The reason I suggested succulents because it was way more successful than we thought it would be.
–Kaitlin: Also for clarification, we will be donating this money directly to UNCW and more specifically, to their University Housing.
-Questions, Thoughts, Concerns?
–Fed: Just be careful with the donuts because it could be resale, so make sure you go around that.
–That is something that we will keep in mind, for sure.
-Meeting Adjourned.

-Question of the Day / Roll Call

-VP of Service Presentation
-The VP of Service roll was not filled at the end of last semester. I have appointed someone and at this time, they will present and we will go through a questioning process for confirmation. Kevin,
please come up.
-He/Him/His pronouns
-Why I’ll be good for the VP of Service position
-About Me:
-Junior studying psychology and music
-SRA in Tucker/Owen
-Involved in marching band, common reading selection committee, NRHH GA member, 16 credit hours, runs undergrad research twitter
-Enjoys helping people and wants to help engage the NRHH community and help foster a sense of community. It takes a community to build a community.
-Managing VP of Service position
-Google Calendar!
-Prioritizing my responsibilities and managing my time
-Why I Can Succeed in This Role
-Already have ideas for service opportunities
-Feed the Pack
-A Place at the Table
-Habitat for Humanity
-Organizational skills
-Time management
-I yield my time to Q&A
-Paige: Do you feel overwhelmed by your involvement on campus?
-No, I am actually involved in fewer commitments.
-Brittney: How do you plan on bridging IRC and NRHH?
-I want to work together instead of working as separate organizations.
-Kaitlin: I move to go into discussion for 5 minutes. (Kevin left the room)
-Brittney: Already has ideas he wants to put into place
-Scotia: He is prepared already and I feel he is very capable and able to handle the job
-Auston: He seems willing to work with others and I think he will be a positive attribute if we confirm him.
-Scotia moves to vote. It is seconded. We move to a ballot vote.
-Cassandra: There was a successful vote.

-Kaitlin presents Kevin as our VP of Service.

-Leadership Activity
-Kaitlin: We will be doing this activity silently for a few minutes. You will be ranking these activities.
-1 = what most closely models your personal definition of service and you will go down the line.

-Executive Reports:

-VP Membership & Selection:
-Tentative dates:
-Ice Cream social: October 2, 2018
-Big/Little Reveal: October 16, 2018
-Ghost Hunt: October 30, 2018
-Inductions: November 28, 2018
**in place of GA meeting**

-VP of Recognition
-First month of OTMs went really well
-Regional winner: Rey Wolf written by Logan Hammill
-We are planning an OTM writing party on September 27, 2018 from 6-7 PM.
-Pizza and fun times

-VP of Administration
-I want to have a caption contest on Instagram starting soon!
-Our Instagram is @nrhh_ncstate.
-We will have multiple service opportunities throughout the semester. For times and dates of those events, please look at our meeting minutes, which are posted on our website:
-Our updated constitution will also be on there by the end of the week.
-Join our GroupMe! Either come see me after or check your emails!

-VP of Finance
-We have no real budget yet but I am compiling some stuff together so that when we do have one, we will be good to go.

-VP of Service
-Chocolate Festival: September 28, 2018 from 5-7 PM
-Scotia volunteers
-English Conversations Club
-SAACURH Volunteers
-October 19 – 21, 2018
-A Place at the Table
-It’s a restaurant where people pay what they are able to. We volunteer to go and serve the food and we receive a meal voucher which we can then give to someone else.

-We are officially affiliated with NACURH.
-Still waiting on student involvement approve us as a student organization.
-Chad, the IRC president sent us a message asking that we partner in creating a drive for those affected by Hurricane Florence in Wilmington.
-Participation will count as service points

-I don’t have any updates, but I hope you have had a successful first couple weeks of school.
-As the semester goes along, think of your friends and potential nominees for membership.

**Meeting Adjourned**

A) Cassandra goes over the rules of how this meeting will go.
Person presents, you ask questions, then we will go into a vote. Ballot voting, so I will give you paper and pens and you will vote.

B) Part 1 of Constitution:
Kaitlin: -I yield my gavel to Erin because I will be presenting the first part of the constitution.
-We will be going through part 1. Changed Name and Purpose to Chapter Principles.
-Chap. 2 – removed excess verbs that was vague.
-Goes over word changes to be more specific.
-I yield my time to Q & A.
-Erin: Moved to discuss.
-Liam: Moved to go into discussion. Seconded by Charlotte.
-Devlin: I make a move to vote.
-Erin: There should be discussion before we move into the vote.
-Liam: There were no serious changes here.
-Scotia: I agree with what has been written.
-Justice: I move to vote. Seconded by Devlin.
-Cassandra and Erin step out to count the votes.
-Erin: Part 1 of the Constitution has passed, we move onto Part 2.

C) Part 2 of Constitution:
-Most of the changes are grammatical.
-Added 2 parts to every single position.
-Opportunity to be on a committee.
-Must write a transition report at the end.
-Went over details of changes to positions.
-Yielded to Q&A:
-Devlin: Section 6 should be section F – was an oversight.
-Charlotte: VP of Recognition, what is the Silver Seymour community and why do they have to be a part of that each month?
-Kaitlin: Yields to Sam for the answer.
-Sam: State OTM voting committee.
-Scotia: What does it mean to lead a committee? I see it in several different -sections.
-Kaitlin: Gives Constitutional Committee as example.
-Brittney: Where exactly was it that states an RA or CAC can’t be the president?
-Kaitlin: Part 2, Ch. 1, Article 1
-Andrew: With that parenthesis, is it saying that other E-board members CAN be RAs?
-Kaitlin: Correct.
-Erin: Yields to discussion. Voted and Seconded.
-Kayla: Great to put expectations in the constitution that weren’t on paper. Very smart.
-Liam: With M&S, how do you feel about the new changes?
-Kailyn: I am now the VP of Administration.
-Erin: I cannot answer that because I am the chair.
-Erin: Motions to vote; agreed and seconded.
-Cassandra and Erin step out to count the votes.
-Erin: Part 2 of the revision has passed. Move on to part 3.
D) Part 3 of Constitution:
-Kaitlin: Struck out a chunk and clarified it.
-NRHH Advisor part of constitution: edited to support point system of constitution.
-Kaitlin: Yields time to Q&A.
-Erin: We yield to Q&A.
-Devlin: I move to end Q&A. Seconded. No dissent.
-Erin: We move into a period of discussion.
-Justice: I think that the inclusivity of changing terminology is good for our organization.
-Charlotte: Part 3, Ch. 3, Article 1 question
-Brittney: We aren’t at that point yet.
-Erin: Entertains motion to end discussion. Seconded.
-Cassandra and Erin collect votes and go to count the votes.
-Erin: That part has passed and yields the gavel back to Kaitlin.

E) Part 4 of Constitution:
-Kaitlin: We will now present part 4. Your time starts when you start. You have 10 minutes.
-Erin: Going through Ch. 1, Ch. 2, and through the awards.
-Erin: Changed the pronouns to be more inclusive. Gave wiggle room for induction seasons. Application forms. Nothing is different from how it actually works, we just cleaned up the language.
-Erin: For qualifications, we added apartments on campus. GPA changed to 2.8 so it is consistent throughout the constitution.
-Erin: For classification, it looks different but it is the same. They are the NACURH standards. We must abide by these rules, so we are not going to vote from that as long as there is no dissent.
-Erin: I yield the rest of my time to Q&A.
-Fed: Did we skip a lot?
-Cassandra: Those rules were already voted on by last year’s general assembly. —-You already voted on, it was just cleaned up. We can’t take any of this out or edit it much more.
-Q&A has started.
-Charlotte: In part 3, ch. 1, article 1, any on campus resident is eligible for NRHH but then the qualifications disagree with what that part says.
-Cassandra: Informs Charlotte on how to do a rewrite and present during discussion.
-Kate: Is the 2.8 GPA overall or per semester?
-Erin: We did not feel it was necessary to include both.
-Fed: Can you explain further?
-Erin: We feel that there are students who have bad semester, but as long as their cumulative GPA is above a 2.8, we as a committee feel they deserve to be in NRHH.
-Fed: Does that include major GPA?
-Erin: No, we do not have access to that information.
-Kaitlin: Move to discussion. No dissent. Seconded.
-Charlotte: Moves to make amendment.
-Charlotte presents her amendment.
-Kailyn strikes it out on constitution.
-Charlotte explains and yields her time to question.
-Brittney: What are you saying is contradicted?
-Charlotte: The qualifications allow you to be an off campus member and it is not made apparent that we are talking about nomination.
-Discussion on point:
-Marzanne: I agree with the change, because I look at this as a whole, it doesn’t make sense. The people that nominate NRHH members don’t typically know GPAs of others.
-Andrew: It seems a little redundant to say if you’re qualified, you’re eligible. Shouldn’t really mention qualified so long before going over qualifications.
-Kayla: Maybe reword to include nomination and qualifications.
-Kaitlin: Makes motion to vote on amendment. No dissent.
-We will be doing a verbal vote.
-Kaitlin: We will now be going back to a discussion on a section as a whole.
-Kaitlin: Makes a motion to go into a vote. No dissent. Seconded.
-Kaitlin and Cassandra collect the votes and step outside to count.
-Kaitlin: Section 4 of the constitutional division has passed.
-Erin will present section 5.

F) Part 5 of Constitution
-Erin: Awards are the standard practice, they are now just in our constitution.
-Erin: The leadership and service awards are NACURH standards.
-Outstanding Leadership Pin
-Outstanding Service Award
-Cord Recipients – fixed a typo, because it is in 2 places. Everything is the same but certain exceptions are different.
-Student teaching, internships, and University sanctioned conflicts
-From early alumni to lifelong membership status.
-Membership Capacity stays the same.
-Art. 4 and Art. 5 = format changes.
-Erin: Yield rest of time to Q&A.
-Fed: For Outstanding Service Award, it says if I’m not involved in NRHH, I can’t receive the award?
-Erin: Yes, those are NACURH standards.
-Emily B.: What’s the reasoning behind UT not being included as an eligible place? -Because they are now technically part of the on campus live on.
-Cassandra: UT is not an officially owned University Housing complex. Also, those who live on UT do not pay into NRHH. We don’t take money from those students. UT is a temporary solution to the housing capacity. If the E-board decides to accept those at UT, they can.
-Charlotte: In order to receive cords, members are allowed a single inactive semester. Do they really need to be active their entire time and then can’t be inactive their last semester?
-Erin: So, these rules haven’t changed. There are exceptions.
-Justice: Because the constitution is a living, breathing document, can’t we just add UT to it?
-Cassandra: I would advise you not to, because it is not wise to update a constitution so often.
-Cassandra explains how we have to get through the constitution and gives us a time check.
-Kaitlin: Other questions? Maintains motion to go into discussion. Seconded.
-Justice: Can we hold off until we come to some conclusion?
-Brittney: Makes an amendment to change the constitution to include “temporary University Housing”
-Kailyn: Makes a friendly to say, “any approved temporary University Housing assignment”
-Justice: Moves to end discussion. Seconded.
-Kaitlin: Moves to vote on Brittney’s amendment.
-Vote passes in verbal vote 24-0-4
-Kaitlin: Moves to end discussion, seconded, votes collected for original section.
-Kaitlin and Cassandra collect votes and step out to count.
-Kaitlin: Part 5 has passed.

G) Part 6 of Constitution:
-Kaitlin: Erin has 10 minutes once she starts speaking.
-Erin: We are moving to a point system.
-Explains the breakdown of the point system.
-Erin: Goes over stipulations of the chart containing the point system.
-Erin: 15 points in each section, 50 points overall. This doesn’t add up, but we are hoping you will find your passion area.
-Erin: For unmet requirements, members may be moved to an inactive status for that semester where requirements were unmet or removed at the discretion of the E-board.
-Erin: I yield my time to Q&A.
-Brittney: You mentioned that the points wouldn’t stack, but the example stacks.
-Erin: Explains how you win for highest earns instead of each level.
-Andrew: What would an OTM writing party be recognized as?
-Erin: A recognition event.
-Kevin: Is there a limit on how many recognition events we can attend?
-Erin: No.
-Andrew: Are there any other examples of non-GA meeting? And would these include committee meetings?
-Erin: Big/Little programs, yes. These would not include committee meetings as of now because there are none that are currently active.
-Justice: If we get 49 points, are we inactive or cut?
-Erin: These stipulations are similar to last year. This is a transition year, so we will be flexible, but we are at the discretion of the E-board. We will make sure you know how to and can get your points. That being said, we also have specific requirements and we do require things of our active members, so ultimately, yes, 49/50 points is grounds for inactive or removal.
-Kevin: Did you all consider UNC’s point system where we can make up for where we fall short?
-Erin: We did but we adapted it because we don’t want someone to sit on their computer and write 50 OTMs for one semester and never come to meetings and be listed as active. That is not fair to those who show up in person to meetings and other outside events.
-Erin: Goes over examples of how the point system can work.
-Kevin: For the service hours, is it up to the discretion of the VP of Service if 1.5 hours counts as one hour or two or something like that?
-Erin: Typically, yes but for now, it is up to the discretion of the chapter president.
-Brittney: Is there a way to make your recognition points without winning?
-Sam: Yes, if you write one every month and then vote on some, you will then hit 15 points.
-Kayla: Is there a way to move points if you are lacking in one place but excel in another?
-Erin: We did not want to do that because we feel as if there is already enough flexibility in this system. With that being said, we understand that this is a very new system, so we are going to be very flexible this year.
-Kevin: What if I go to an OTM writing party but want it to count toward a non-GA meeting?
-Erin: Again, we have other ways to make up for it. But we will clarify what each even counts for before it happens.
-Kaitlin: Ends Q&A, goes into discussion
-Fed: What is stopping someone from not coming to a lot of GA meetings?
-Erin: Point of Clarification: In the past, we had 6 GA meetings a semester and a member was allowed to miss 5 with nothing happen.
-Kevin: I like this idea.
-Brittney: I like that the service is by hour.
-Chad: I know this system is not perfect yet, but it is better than previous systems.
-Justice: Moves to end discussion. Fed dissents.
-Fed: Point of Clarification- is it better to submit one a month? If so, what is stopping someone from submitting 5 OTMs a month and then being done before December?
-Erin: Point of Clarification, in the past we have allowed members to make up missed OTM months by writing more.
-Kaitlin: makes motion to go into a vote.
-Kaitlin and Cassandra collect votes and step out to count them.
-Kaitlin: Part 6 has passed. We now have a point system.
-Kaitlin: Before we leave – thank you for your time. We are in need of a VP of Service, still, so please let us know if you are interested.

-Meeting adjourned.