What is a Valid Receipt to Submit for Appropriations?

Reference this Knowledge Guide to learn what is a valid Appropriations receipt and what receipts we cannot accept.

Per University guidelines, a valid Appropriations receipt must contain the following:

  • Merchant name & address
  • Date of purchase
  • Itemized description of item(s) purchased
  • Quantity of each item and unit price
  • Shipping charges & ship-to address (if applicable)
  • Total amount of the purchase

We cannot accept receipts from Venmo, CashApp or similar services.

If your organization is making payments to a business via Venmo or CashApp, your organization should request that the business creates a receipt/invoice for your organization that includes all necessary information.

Request a Line Item Description Change

Student Organizations can submit requests to change their Line Item Description, meaning they will be able to request spending Appropriations funding on other items/events/activities.  Any new line items must follow all University and Student Government spending guidelines, and must follow the Appropriations policies for the cycle the funding was approved for.  Please note: any line item change will not be reflected in the original officiated Appropriations Bill.