Finance Allocations: Click here for Funding Request Form

“The Committee on Finance shall ensure responsible expenditure of Student Body Funds. The committee shall review finance bills, advise the Treasurer and other officials on spending practices, regularly review the current balance sheet, inspect budgets and expenses of agencies and departments, advise and oversee the Treasurer on matters of Student Government facility usage, and review all matters pertaining to revenue generation by Student Government and its agencies.” (SBS Ch. 2 Rule 10c) All proposals submitted to the Finance Committee must be made no later than March 15.  For questions about the Finance Committee or the Funding Request Form, please contact Finance Committee Chair Sam Brohaugh: 

Social Justice Mini-Grant: Click here for application  

Questions about the Social Justice Mini Grant can be directed to Finance Committee Chair Sam Brohaugh:   The description of the Social Justice Mini Grant is included below as a reference: The Social Justice Mini-Grant is an initiative from NC State Student Government aimed to support students in hosting educational programming on social justice topics. Just as NC State’s motto is “Think and Do”, SG knows that it’s important to act on values of diversity and social justice. Students may apply for fund for any educational event that meets the following requirements:

  1. Is focused on social justice issues. The review committee defines social justice as “the view that everyone deserves equal economic, political and social rights and opportunities.” (National Association of Social Workers)
  2. Is open to the NC State community at large The format of the event must reasonably accommodate participation from interested parties on campus, including students, faculty and staff.
  3. Is a collaborative effort. The event must have at least two sponsoring student organizations. Preference will be granted to events demonstrating an earnest effort to represent multiple perspectives.

The review committee will assess every application on a rolling basis and determine an award of $0, $50, $100, $150 or $200 for the related event. Applicants may be contacted for further information. Student Government is willing to assist with minor details for the event in addition to funding.