The Brick

Tradition Keeper Program: The Brick

Student Government and the Alumni Association are leading efforts to promote student involvement while maintaining the University’s rich traditions. We hope that during your academic career, you use The Brick as a guide to enhance and keep track of your experiences at NC State. The Brick highlights a list of traditions that you learn about and complete to become an official NC State Tradition Keeper (TK).

To become a NC State TK a student must complete 40 of the 60 traditions in their book. You can complete a tradition in many different ways, as long as you provide proof. Ideas for this include a photograph, receipt, official TK stamp, or similar mementos. Student Government will be present at some tradition events, just like Orientation, to stamp “The Brick”. Bring your copy of The Brick to an Alumni Association Student Ambassador Program TK check-in day. Log traditions throughout all four years to be eligible for the TK program. There might be opportunities to win prizes as you build your experience with traditions, so don’t wait to attend a check-in day!

Every student who completes 40 traditions will receive a medal to wear at graduation. This is a reward for keeping alive the heritage of NC State University. The Brick will enhance your time here and leave you with a lifetime of memories on each page.

Be a Tradition Keeper and check out The Brick!

The Brick (2015-2016)

The Brick 2014-2015


The Brick: for faculty and staff

  • Concept: engage faculty/staff with students through NC State University traditions
  • Present it as a challenge: faculty and staff will have one year to complete the Brick alongside students
    • Working to determine a reward, perhaps a ceremony and medal/plaque that could sit on a desk


The SG Traditions Department is responsible for the logistics of The Brick and the Tradition Keeper Program.