Student Body Documents


NC State Student Body Constitution

The Student Body Constitution is the principle governing document of the Student Body Government and several other groups. No statute, policy, or precedent can disagree with the Constitution, and the Constitution can only be amended by vote of the Student Body.

NC State Student Body Statutes

The Student Body Statutes are the bylaws of the Student Body Constitution and expounded on the framework set therein. The Statutes are amended by the Senate with the consent of the Student Body President.

Chapter 1. Student Government.
Article 1. Student Government Officials and Bodies.
Article 2. Publication Of Documents.
Article 3. Association of Student Governments.

Article 4. Student Government Ethics Act.
Article 5. Student Government Awards.
Article 6. Jenny Chang Award for Outstanding Student Service.

Chapter 2. Student Senate.
Article 1. Standing Rules of the Senate.
Article 2. Punitive Powers of the Senate.
Article 3. Composition of the Senate.
Article 4. Advisors to the Senate President.

Chapter 3. Executive Branch.
Article 1. Executive Branch.
Article 2. Executive Appointments Process.
Article 3. Student Body Commissions.
Article 4. Student Organization Roundtable.
Article 5. Additional Executive Initiatives.

Chapter 4. Judicial Branch.

Chapter 5. Finance.
Article 1. Finance Generally.
Article 2. Appropriations.
Article 3. Department of the Treasury.
Article 4. Budget Process.

Chapter 6. Elections.
Article 1. Elections Generally.
Article 2. Board of Elections.
Article 3. Board of Elections Handbook and Oversight.

Chapter 7. Advising and Personnel.
Article 1. Personnel.
Article 2. Advisory Systems.