Executive Platform Progress

We were elected on a platform and it is important to us that we make meaningful progress on each of the items on our platform. Each item is cataloged below, any progress described, and the primary point of contact for more information on progress or partnerships. This page will be updated biweekly!
InitiativeProgressPoint of Contact
Trans-inclusive syllabi clauseInformation about the trans-inclusive syllabi clause was included in the Bulletin, a newsletter distributed to all faculty and staff. We have met with a member of the faculty senate about this syllabus clause and it will be referred to their Executive Committee for preliminary discussion.Jess Errico, sbp@ncsu.edu
Open syllabiWe have met with the libraries who are also interested in the success of this initiative. We have met with a member of the Faculty Senate and are discussing the feasibility of having course costs and syllabi clauses available to students prior to registration for classes. We are working on meeting with Registration and Records about platforms for hosting this information.Jess Errico, sbp@ncsu.edu
Publicizing free textbook availabilityWe have met with the libraries regarding current available resources. Working on creating resources for distribution to incoming new students. Additionally, we are serving on a course cost-reduction intiatives committee with representatives of the Libraries and the Bookstore to keep addressing course affordability.Jess Errico, sbp@ncsu.edu
Open source materials We have met with the libraries who are also interested in the success of this initiative. We are currently working on meeting with Faculty Senate to discuss feasibility. Additionally, we are serving on a course cost-reduction intiatives committee with representatives of the Libraries and the Bookstore to keep addressing course affordability.Jess Errico, sbp@ncsu.edu
Continued critical review of student feesNo fee increases were proposed this year. We will ensure that there is a smooth transition to next year's SG leadership so that there is a good baseline understanding of fees and the fee request process. Although separate from the fee review process, we also worked to keep tuition increase proposals low for next year. Tuition increase proposals being sent to the Board of Governors for approval are: 0% for in-state undergraduates, 2% for in-state graduates, 3% for out-of-state undergraduates, and 4% for out-of-state-graduate students. According to the Provost, this amounts to the lowest percentage tuition increase proposal in the past 10 years. In preparation for future fee increase requests, SG partnered with the Division of Academic and Student Affairs to host a Student Fee Town Hall. Representatives for the five largest fees (University Transportation, Student Health, Student Center Operations, WellRec, and Education & Technology) were all present to describe how the fee money is used and to discuss future fee needs. We are working to establish this town hall as an annual event.Jess Errico, sbp@ncsu.edu and Meredith Spence Beaulieu, sbvpresident@ncsu.edu
Diversity + Inclusion
Online diversity competency training for incoming studentsWe have met with OIED to discuss the most impactful ways an online diversity competency training could be implemented at NC State. Next steps include doing research on similar programs at other institutions.Jess Errico, sbp@ncsu.edu
Campus accessibilityWe have met with the Disability Resource Office, Facilities, and the Architect's Office to discuss the most impactful ways that SG can help further campus accessibility. Additionally, SG helped to host the inaugural NC State Accessibility Excursion to raise awareness about campus accessibility and to address accessibility barriers on campus. Using findings from this event and frequently reported concerns from various campus departments, we administered a survey to all students registered with the Disability Resource Office to select which improvement we should pursue. We are analyzing survey results and preparing funds to move forward on the chosen improvements.Meredith Spence Beaulieu, sbvpresident@ncsu.edu and co-Directors of Diversity Outreach Sam Chan and Shelsey Hall, sgdiversity@ncsu.edu
New student outreach, particularly for international students and first generation college studentsAttended First in Family Luncheon to welcome new first gen students. We met with TRIO staff to determine how we can best support first generation students. They suggested that the most helpful thing would be creating a student organization to offer peer support to first generation students. This effort is underway by a student outside of Student Government. We have offered our support. Participated in Spring Connections Wolf Ways and are delivering the keynote speech at the Nav1gate summit for first generation students.Jess Errico, sbp@ncsu.edu
Beyond the BoxThis is a UNC system-wide policy, so advocacy must be at the state level, through the Association of Student Governments (ASG). Appropriate legislation was drafted and presented at the October 13th ASG meeting where it received unanimous support. We are now consulting NC State campus partners on next steps for state level advocacy with other UNC System Schools.Jess Errico, sbp@ncsu.edu
Housing + Campus Life
Gender inclusive housingThis is a UNC system-wide policy, so advocacy must be at the state level, through the Association of Student Governments (ASG). Appropriate legislation was drafted and presented at the October 13th ASG meeting where it received unanimous support. We are now consulting NC State campus partners on next steps for state level advocacy with other UNC System Schools.Jess Errico, sbp@ncsu.edu
Pride and Women of Color VillagesEach of our Diversity Outreach Co-Directors sit on one of the Village Task Forces as members to work on this throughout the year. We are routinely reaching out to the chairs of these task forces.Jess Errico, sbp@ncsu.edu
Exceptions to the mandatory first year live on campus policyAn appeals process currently exists to request an exception to this policy. We have met with campus leaders to assess how the process could be made clearer to those who may be seeking exceptions and have taken these suggestions to University Housing. Housing is currently working with campus leaders on this.Meredith Spence Beaulieu, sbvpresident@ncsu.edu and Jess Errico, sbp@ncsu.edu
Maintenance of the Global VillageWe met with the Global Village Ambassadors to discuss concerns and action items. Additional meetings are being planned. Jess Errico, sbp@ncsu.edu
More dining options for those with dietary restrictionsAt Los Lobos, vegetables and beans can now be substituted for no additional charge on menu items that come standard with beef. Independent of SG, vegan chorizo is now offered at Los Lobos and in the dining halls. In response to our feedback on dining options, University Dining is working to form a vegetarian and vegan advisory group to continue to improve dining accessibility for all students. Dining has also created a "Plant Based Spotlight" newsletter feature to highlight vegan and vegetarian options on campus.Meredith Spence Beaulieu, sbvpresident@ncsu.edu
Student Health
Raising awareness of the Counseling Center's culturally competent servicesWe have met with the Counseling Center and gathered information on their current protocols and offerings. We are now working with them to develop a plan to disseminate this knowledge to the student body, and particularly those students that would be seeking these services.Meredith Spence Beaulieu, sbvpresident@ncsu.edu
Highlighting Question, Persuade, & Refer (QPR) Suicide Prevention trainingsQPR training was highlighted in the Howl to raise awareness with the general student body. Opportunities were also marketed specifically to SG and Graduate Student Association to encourage their members to participate and help spread the word. We are communicating with key wide-reaching student organizations to let them know about QPR training opportunities, and encourage their leadership or full membership to participate. The response has been positive, and the SG Director of Student Wellness is working to connect organizations to Prevention Services and the QPR training resource.Meredith Spence Beaulieu, sbvpresident@ncsu.edu
Bringing back student health standing committeeCreated SG Wellness Department to fill the immediate need of interfacing with administrators regarding student health. The Student Health Committee has been formally dissolved; however, the Wellness Advisory Committee has been created and has senior leadership serving on the board from a variety of campus entities, including student health. Three Student Government members are also serving on this Committee: SBP Errico, SBVP Spence Beaulieu, Director of Wellness Moravec. Jess Errico, sbp@ncsu.edu
Student Government
Interfacing with college councilsAll executive board applications and other opportunities for involvement have been sent to the College Councils. College Councils were invited to SORT meetings to express college specific concerns.Jess Errico, sbp@ncsu.edu
Ensuring smaller colleges are representedAdvertised open Senate seats for first year senate seats as well as open seats across all colleges in The Howl in an effort to increase representation.Jess Errico, sbp@ncsu.edu
More transparency with administratorsMeeting notes and materials will be continuously updated on the Office of the Student Body President's webpage. SG has also created informational graphics, videos, and documents to help disseminate information.Jess Errico, sbp@ncsu.edu
Promotion of paperless productsTo date, no SG executive branch events have used paper materials as event advertisements.Jess Errico, sbp@ncsu.edu
Ethical sourcing of materials for SG GiveawaysTo date, all SG giveaways have been ethically sourced through Robert's Group, who is a member of the Fair Labor Association and follow their guidelines for sourcing products ethically. Jess Errico, sbp@ncsu.edu
Greater access to bike parkingIndependent of SG, bike parking has been greatly increased on West Campus in particular. We will continue assessing need.Jess Errico, sbp@ncsu.edu
Sustainable event certificationWe have had nine executive branch events so far this year: Respect the Pack, Meet & Treat, Campout, Post-Election Decompression Den, Pack Your Portfolio, Operation: Wellness, Student Fees Town Hall, Graduate Student Issues Town Hall, and Racial Climate Town Hall. All have been Sustainable Event Certified. Jess Errico, sbp@ncsu.edu
Publicizing the Sustainability FundBoth the fall fast-track Sustainability Fund and the spring Sustainability Fund were featured in the HOWL and on SG social media in an effort to raise awareness and increase publicity.Jess Errico, sbp@ncsu.edu
Continued efforts of the Transportation Task ForceWe have been continuously communicating student concerns to Transportation. Both Transportation and SG would like to see the creation of a formal university committee to facilitate this dialogue.Jess Errico, sbp@ncsu.edu
Expansion of campus safety escort servicesWe have received information regarding costs of expanding these services and surveyed students to assess the level of demand for service expansion. We are currently working to analyze the survey results to formulate a plan for moving forward.Meredith Spence Beaulieu, sbvpresident@ncsu.edu
Additional Initiatives
Expansion of interfaith prayer/meditation spacesDue to significant demand for more interfaith spaces across campus, we partnered with the Muslim Students' Association (MSA) over the summer to create a standing room reservation for prayer in Talley. MSA has the Talley Cultural Hearth reserved for Islamic prayer every weekday from 2-6pm for the fall semester. Witherspoon 204 and DH Hill 2108 are also dedicated interfaith prayer and meditation spaces that are open throughout the day to all individuals.Meredith Spence Beaulieu, sbvpresident@ncsu.edu
Campus child care resources for studentsMeredith College has opened up their new after school program, Wings After School, to NC State students. This low cost enrichment-based after school program is available from 3-6pm for children ages 5-12 for $175 per child per month. We are working on advertising this opportunity to relevant student populations. We are also currently working on assessing the exact needs (full-time vs. part-time vs. emergency care) and the demand for these services so that resources can possibly be expanded to better meet need. We are continuing to investigate many potential solutions that could complement the Wings After School program. Additionally, we are working with the Women's Center to compile a parental resources webpage as a single site with information for parents and parents-to-be.Meredith Spence Beaulieu, sbvpresident@ncsu.edu
Voter engagementPackThePolls, a nonpartisan coalition of students, faculty, and staff, has been re-created for the current session. This initiative is co-chaired by the SG Director of Government Affairs. SG worked alongside other campus entities to successfully advocate for Talley Student Union becoming an early one-stop voting location.Jess Errico, sbp@ncsu.edu
Access to feminine hygiene productsFollowing up on last year's efforts, feminine product machines were installed over the summer in all gender-neutral and female-identified restrooms in Talley. We are continuing to research ways to make menstrual products freely accessible at other locations on campus.Meredith Spence Beaulieu, sbvpresident@ncsu.edu
Campus food insecurity Recognizing the scope of food insecurity on campus, Student Government led the way in advocating for a student-to-student meal sharing program and is pleased to announce a new partnership with University Dining for students facing short-term food insecurity. Through the donation of guest meals from student meal plans, a pool of meals has been established for students who find themselves temporarily without food options. These meals can be added to a student ID card to allow entry into Fountain, Clark, and Case (breakfast and lunch only) Dining Halls, the Oval, and the Wolves Den, creating easy and discrete access to meals at no cost. Visit the common Pack Essentials application to apply.Jess Errico, sbp@ncsu.edu
#GoStrawlessInspired by the NC State Waste Reduction and Recycling's #GoStrawless initiative, we worked with NC State Dining to make 1887 Bistro an opt-in location. Straws are available upon request, but will not be automatically given with drinks, which helps reduce waste and improve sustainability.Alex Obiol, sgunivaffairs@ncsu.edu
FundraisingStudent Government participated in Habitat for Humanity at NC State's annual event, Shack-a-thon. Shack-a-thon is a weeklong event where students build shacks and staff them 24/7 to raise money for Habitat for Humanity's efforts in Raleigh, NC. Student Government's fundraising efforts can be found online.Jess Errico, sbp@ncsu.edu
On Demand Receipt PrintingWe worked with NC State Dining to make receipts at feasible on campus dining locations print by request only. Common Grounds, Starbucks, Dining Halls, and the Atrium will now print receipts upon request only. Jason's Deli, Red Sky, and Tuffys which print order numbers on receipts to coordinate pick up will be the only locations printing receipts automatically, helping to reduce waste and improve sustainability.Jess Errico, sbp@ncsu.edu
Graduation Robe ClosetWith a generous donation of a few size runs of baccalaureate and masters regalia from the Bookstore, SG partnered with the Career Development Center to pilot a graduation robe closet. Starting with the fall 2018 semester, Pack Promise students will be able to borrow caps and gowns at no charge to wear to their commencement ceremonies. If successful in its pilot semester, SG hopes to expand this program beyond Pack Promise in the future.Alex Obiol, sgunivaffairs@ncsu.edu
Title IX Action Group Recognizing the significant potential impact of the proposed changes to Title IX on students, we created the Title IX Action Group. This group has been tasked with creating legislation for the UNC ASG, hosting an event to promote student feedback during the public comments period, and craft a statement on the proposed changes. Jess Errico, sbp@ncsu.edu
Campaign Assistance FundA campaign assistance fund has been created to subsidize the out of pocket expenses incurred through campaigning for the Student Body Officer positions in the Student Government Election. We led the way in advocating for the creation of this fund to work towards a more accessible Student Government, collaborating with the Board of Elections and Senate.Jess Errico, sbp@ncsu.edu
Painted Pack FansAthletics and SG have partnered for the 2018-2019 basketball season to launch the Painted Pack Fans program. SG paints 10-15 student fans during select home games to build spirit and instill NC State pride. Students can request to be painted using a form included in the ticket request email.Daniel Mock, sgathletics@ncsu.edu