Equity and Accessibility

Director of Equity and Accessibility Des Woods | he/him, they/them

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The Student Government Equity and Accessibility Department is a dedicated group of students who advocate for underrepresented students on campus. We support the Trans-Inclusive and Mental Health syllabi clauses, are advocating for online diversity competency training for incoming students, and are working towards making campus more accessible.

Des is excited to serve Student Government and NC State by creating a more inclusive community for all. Des is a First-Year graduate student pursuing a Master of Arts in Higher Education Administration. He will also be serving as a Graduate Assistant for Residence Life during the 2021-22 academic year. Des holds a bachelor’s degree in political science and History from The University of North Carolina at Pembroke, where he became inspired to pursue a career in diversity, equity, and inclusion which he plans to do after completing his graduate course of study in 2023. As Director of Equity and Accessibility, it is his goal to address the needs of traditionally marginalized and underrepresented members of The Wolfpack by creating spaces for members of these groups to meet and discuss their concerns with himself and other members of SG. Des also plans to create educational programs and sessions for all students to learn about how to become a better ally and how to create a more inclusive campus for the spaces they take up.

Office Hours: Wed 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm