Executive Chief of Staff

The role of Chief of Staff varies from administration to administration, but consistently, the Chief of Staff serves as the chief student advisor to the Student Body President and Student Body Vice President, as well as the internal manager of the Executive Branch. The Chief of Staff serves as a resource and advocate to empower our student leaders to constantly improve.

Executive Chief of Staff Ethan Laney (he/him/his)

Ethan Laney (he/him/his) is a senior from Charlotte studying Political Science (Public Policy) and International Studies (Global Sustainability and Development) with minors in Spanish and Economics. Outside of Student Government, Ethan is a University and CHASS Ambassador and works for Student Involvement, Parents and Families Services, and the Intensive English Program. At home, he loves reading and cooking. As Executive Chief of Staff, Ethan advises SBP Carter and SBVP Teague on daily matters and works with SBVP Teague to coordinate the Executive Branch. Ethan is passionate about diversity and equality, lifelong learning, and sustainable development.

Please reach out to Ethan Laney at sgchiefofstaff@ncsu.edu.