Chief of Staff & Executive Assistant

Serving as logistics champions for the Executive Branch, the Chief of Staff and Executive Assistant serve to coordinate meetings, link students and student groups with university resources, and facilitate the many ongoing projects of the Executive Directors.

Chief of Staff Logan Graham

What does the Chief of Staff do?

The role of Chief of Staff varies from administration to administration, but consistently, the Chief of Staff serves as the chief student-advisor to the Student Body President and Student Body Vice President, as well as the internal manager of the Executive Branch. The Chief of Staff serves as a resource and advocate to empower our student-leaders to constantly improve.

Executive Assistant Allyson Blake

What does the Executive Assistant do?

Part of establishing a great leadership team is having a right-hand person to make things happen. The position of Executive Assistant is one filled to the preference of an administration and the person who fills it. Traditionally, this role has been to assist with the logistics, the planning and execution of meetings, taking minutes and documenting, and assisting the Student Body President and Student Body Vice President on a number of administrative tasks.