Executive Chief of Staff

Executive Chief of Staff Sam Brohaugh | he/him

The role of Chief of Staff varies from administration to administration, but consistently, the Chief of Staff serves as the chief student advisor to the Student Body President and Student Body Vice President, as well as the internal manager of the Executive Branch. The Chief of Staff serves as a resource and advocate to empower our student leaders to constantly improve.

Sam Brohaugh is a senior studying Civil Engineering. Sam is from Wilmington and graduated from Cape Fear Community College before coming to NC State. In addition to Student Government Sam is involved as a coordinator for the NC State Engineering Career Fair and works as an undergraduate research assistant at the Constructed Facilities Lab. In his free time Sam enjoys spending time outside at the beach or backpacking. As Executive Chief of Staff, Sam advises SBP Flowers and SBVP Heavlin on daily matters and works with SBVP Heavlin to coordinate the Executive Cabinet.

Please reach out to Sam Brohaugh at sgchiefofstaff@ncsu.edu.