The Student Government Traditions Department is a dedicated group of students who work on maintaining, promoting, and creating new traditions for the students of NC State.  We support the official NC State Tradition Keeper Program, Campout, and various initiatives on campus.

Meet the Director – Abby Verchick | she/her/hers

Hi, I’m Abby Verchick! I’m a senior majoring in Human Biology. I also have minors in history, nutrition, and sports science. In addition to my SG role, I am also the VP of AASAP, a University Ambassador, a Chancellor’s Aide, and compete on both the Club Soccer and Club XC/Track teams. I also love cheering on the Wolfpack and traveling in my free time.

As Traditions Director I want to establish a clear understanding of what the Tradition Department does in an attempt to increase participation and appreciation of campus traditions. I plan to establish guidelines, rules, and processes for students to follow. This includes but is not limited to what is defined as a Tradition, the process for adding/removing a Tradition to the Brick, and set initiatives that are to be completed by the Traditions Department each year.

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  • Campout
    • Campout is a well-respected Wolfpack tradition created back in the 1980s. During Campout, students spend the entire night outside and participate in a wide variety of activities (meet athletes, watch student performances, and more!) in order to gain valuable Loyalty Points for basketball games. This is your chance to participate in a traditional campus event that allows you to earn 6 loyalty points while camping with fellow NC State students on Miller Fields. We are also introducing a raffle that will give up to 100 students a chance to win a ticket to the UNC basketball game! Student Government has partnered with the Union Activities Board, Inter-Residence Council,  University Recreation, University Athletics, and Campus Enterprises to bring you a night of activities, such as student performances, games, giveaways, dunk tanks, Prime Time with the Pack and much more!
    • What are loyalty points and how do they work?
      • When you request a ticket for a football/basketball game, and the demand for tickets by students is greater than the supply, a lottery based on a student’s individual loyalty points will take place. There are various ways students can earn loyalty points; however, Campout is the only method of receiving a total of 6 points to bump any student up to “senior” standing. For a full explanation of the ticketing and loyalty points process, please follow this link.


  • The Brick/Traditions Keeper Medal
    • The Brick is a guide for all NC State students to keep track of their experiences during their academic year. The Brick highlights a list of traditions you can complete to become an official NC State Traditions Keeper (TK). To become a Traditions Keeper, you must complete 40 traditions in The Brick and provide proof of completion. Every student who becomes a TK will receive a medal to wear at graduation. You can complete the Brick by either using a physical Brick copy or through the Brick app. We hope the The Brick will enhance your time here and leave you with a lifetime of memories on each page!
    • You can suggest new traditions for The Brick by filling out this form.


  • Wear Red Fridays
    • Show your Wolfpack pride by wearing your best Wolfpack gear! Join students, faculty, and staff in backing the pack by wearing red. Throughout the year, various organizations will host “Wear Red Get Fed” days where students can receive free t-shirts for wearing red. Promotions and special events throughout the year on Fridays add even more excitement to this tradition. If you need to add some red to your wardrobe, visit the NC State bookstore, Wolfpack Outfitters, for official Wolfpack apparel or look out for Student Government tents on Fridays. Remember, on Fridays, we wear red!
    • When do I get my Brick/Brick app checked?
      • You can get your physical brick or your brick app checked the semester you graduate. For example, if you graduate in December of 2017, you will need to get it checked sometime during the Fall 2017 semester.
    • How do I get my Brick/Brick app checked?
      • The first step in getting your Brick/Brick app checked is to create an appointment with the Traditions Department. Once you make your appointment, you will bring your physical Brick or your phone with the Brick app on it to get it checked and receive your TK medal that same day.


  • Last Lecture Series
    • Last Lecture Series began in the spring semester of 2017 as program that allows for retiring faculty members to give a “last” lecture. Fellow faculty members, staff, and students are encouraged to attend to celebrate the featured faculty’s careers and accomplishments during their tenure at NC State. The program in its inaugural year was only a single day, but for 2018 the Traditions Department is expanding it into three days to include a larger group of faculty members. We hope that you will attend this growing tradition to celebrate some of your favorite faculty members!


  • Belltower and Reynold’s Coliseum Tours
    • The Traditions Department will now be collaborating with Dr. Stafford, the former Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, to provide Belltower and Reynold’s Coliseum tours. These tours are a great opportunity to learn about the captivating history behind these buildings on NC State’s campus! Each of these tours will occur once a month and you can sign up for them here:
    • Reynolds Coliseum Tour
    • Belltower Tour


  • How can I join the Traditions Department?
    • Anyone is available to join the Traditions Department or simply sit in on our meetings to provide suggestions or feedback for our initiatives. Email if you have any questions!