Tuition and Fees


This year, the Tuition Review Advisory Committee (TRAC) [Co-Chaired by Provost Arden and Student Body President Jacqueline Gonzalez] has prepared a one-year plan for tuition increases for 2018-19.

Tuition Increase Recommendations for 2018-19
  • 0% for Undergraduate Residents (New Cohort) ( $0)
  • 4% for Undergraduate Nonresidents ($995)
  • 5% for Graduate Residents ($425)
  • 6% for Graduate Nonresidents ($1438)

Flat Tuition (0% increase) at Fall 2018 rate is guaranteed for all undergraduate in-state residents currently enrolled at the university. The Board of Governors is recommending a 0% increase in the future and even reductions, when applicable.

The committee recommends that the additional 
  • improve the quality and accessibility of the NC State educational experience: suggest allocating 64.7%
  • provide funding for faculty promotional increases: suggest allocating $750,000 [which equals 8.8%]
  • provide funding to the Graduate Student Support Plan: suggest allocating 26.5%
Premium Tuition Recommendations 2018-2019

Premium Tuition is additional tuitions for specific programs

  • Increase by $1000 for the 2018-2019 year for Master of Accounting
  • New tuition premium of $4300 per year effective Fall 2018 for the following degree program:
    • Joint Department Biomedical Engineering – MS – Train, Translation of Innovation

For the Student Body President’s reports on the Tuition Review Advisory Committee, click here



Recommendations for changes to student fees are made by the Fee Review Committee which is co-chaired by the Vice Chancellor and Dean of the Division of Academic and Student Affairs (Dr. Mike Mullen) and the Student Senate President (Adam Schmidt). The Committee asks for feedback from the Student Senate as a part of its deliberation process, and the recommendations the committee makes are presented to the Chancellor for his approval or modification. The Chancellor then sends a proposal to the NC State Board of Trustees and the UNC Board of Governors for approval.

Fee Increase Recommendations
  • No fee increases are being proposed to take effect for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Total fee increases: $0.00 (0%)

The UNC Board of Governors specifies that fees should increase by no more than 3.00% in any given year, with some exceptions (such as the transit operations fee).


  1. Tuition and fees are vetted in the Senate of Student Government
  2. Tuition and fees are vetted in their respective university committees
  3. Recommendations are sent to the Chancellor
  4. Chancellor’s recommendations are sent to the Board of Trustees (BoT)
  5. The recommendations are sent to the Board of Governors at UNC-General Assembly for approval


Additional Notes on the Engineering Enhancement Fee:

Engineering Program Enhancement Fee ($1500/year)
  • Applies only to engineering students; note that there are some engineering majors not in the College of Engineering, students in those majors will also pay the fee
  • Applies to all levels of engineering students (undergrad, masters, Ph.D.
  • This fee is $1500/year.  It was phased in; i.e., $500 in 2015-16, $1000 in 2016-17, and $1500 for 2017-18 and will remain at that $1500/year rate for the future. 
  • This is a special fee which did not go through the Fee Review Committee.  The justification for this fee is to expand educational opportunities for the university’s engineering programs.

This fee is shown in Tab 7.2A Page 97-98 of the Board of Trustees materials for November 2016.