What is the Conduct Board?

The NC State Conduct Board is the body which conducts academic and non-academic hearings in which students have been charged with violating the NC State Code of Student Conduct and they face possible suspension or expulsion from the university. Approximately 20 university faculty and staff and 25 students comprise the pool of possible Board members who sit on each hearing, with a different composition depending on the nature of the case:

  • Academic cases: two students and two faculty are present
  • Non-academic cases: four students and one faculty are present

What roles are there on the Conduct Board?

The Student Chief Justice facilitates each of these hearings, which take place twice a week. In these hearings, the Chief Justice and the Conduct Board Members question the complainant (person or group responsible for filing the charge) and the respondent (student being charged). The respondent and complainant each have an assistant (student member of Conduct Board who has been appointed) who helps them prepare for the hearing.

How are hearings run?

Hearings are closed to the public to protect the rights of the involved parties. Two separate stages occur in each hearing, unless the respondent is found to be not guilty:

  • Fact Finding: each person is allowed to present their case and then the Board questions them; witnesses may be called by the Board if appropriate.
  • Sanctioning: each person is questioned regarding any aggravating or mitigating circumstances related to the respondent and/or the violation itself.

After each stage, everyone leaves the room for the Board to make a decision. At the end of the hearing, the Board’s decision is read, and following the hearing, the Chief Justice writes a letter to the respondent giving the decision and detailing the Board’s rationale.

To learn more about becoming a member of the Judicial Branch, please visit the Office of Student Conduct Website under Conduct Board, or contact the Student Chief Justice.