First-Year Undergraduates (10 Seats)

395a5287Adam Schmidt

Engineering First Year

chansamSam Chan

Political Science

browningnathanielNate Browning

Engineering First Year

395a5393Hampton Clark

Engineering First Year

395a5337Belton Moore

Undeclared Major-Management

395a5353Ryan Dunn

Political Science

395a5379Emily Neville

Political Science

395a5330Alex Obiol

Engineering First Year

395a5315Gabrielle Dauntain

Political Science

lennonjaynaJayna Lennon

Political Science

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (6 Seats)

CALS Gaithers Andrew HeadshotAndrew Gaithers

Sophomore- Biochemistry

CALS Oakley BlakeBlake Oakley

Senior- Plant Biology

CALS Reedy Lindsey HeadshotLindsey Reedy

Senior- Animal Science

CALS Simpson Coleman HeadshotColeman Simpson

Sophomore- Agricultural Education

CALS Travis Morgan HeadshotMorgan Travis

Senior- Applied Nutrition


395a5357Garrison Rountree

Junior- Agricultural Business Management


Division of Academic and Student Affairs (2 Seats)

395a9696Sophia McMahan

Sophomore- Political Science/ Communications

SEAL (red)

Open Seat!Interested in applying? Contact for more info!



College of Design (2 Seats)


Madison Tart

Junior-Art and Design

SEAL (red)Open Seat!

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College of Education (2 Seats)


Michael James

Senior- Education and Psychology


Open Seat!

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College of Engineering (10 Seats)

Delegation Head: Rachel Nagley

Current Delegation Projects:

  • Improve transportation between centennial and main campuses, get more information on current projects that may be in the works.
  • Revise the E101 and E122 Curriculum to give students more useful skills and greater clarity on various academic options; change FEDD to FYEDD (first year instead of freshmen)
  • Similar timing of engineering classes resulting in inefficiencies and overworked employees
  • The Enhancement Fee: What is it specifically? What does it do for students? Could it be used better?
  • More and higher quality  advising for new students.
  • Increase connection between main and centennial through art, events, campus collaborations, etc.
  • Get MAE Department to allow students to see professor names (not just section names) when enrolling for classes

395a9528Rachel Nagley

Sophomore- Industrial

395a9207-1Madison Maloney

Sophomore- Aerospace

Mitchell Moravec

Senior- Material Science and Psychology

Oluwadamilolo Fasina

Sophomore- Nuclear Engineering

395a9404 Chris Ziogas

Sophomore- Aerospace



Jack Pashby

Junior- Nuclear


Jordan Greenert

First Year- Engineering

 395a9164Henry Yadon

Junior- Electrical/Computer

 395a9273Kelechi Kwazemem-Opara

Junior- Computer


Zeenat Nadvi

Sophomore- Biomedical

College of Humanities and Social Sciences (8 Seats)


Nolan Watts

Senior- Political Science


Sam Potter

Senior- Political Science

Rebecca Locklin

Senior- Psychology, Women & Gender Studies, Communication Media

Caroline Moody

Sophomore- International Studies


Jackie Gonzalez

Junior- Political Science


Molly Mueller

Sophomore-Political Science


Luke Perrin

Sophomore- Political Science


Adam Skrzecz

Sophomore- Political Science

College of Natural Resources (3 Seats)

Haley Lohr SenateHaley Lohr

Junior – Policy & Administration


 Chase Conner


Junior- Environmental Sciences

SEAL (red) Majesty Allah

First Year- Sports Management 

Poole College of Management (5 Seats)



John Taylor Willis

Sophomore- Business Administration and International Studies



Zach Hurst

Junior- Accounting

Open Seat!

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Mia Connell

Sophomore- Business Administration

Open Seat!

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College of Sciences (6 Seats)


Alex Mitchell

Junior- Metereolgy

SEAL (red)

Tyler Huffman

Senior- Physics


Chandler Elliott

Senior- Biological Sciences

395a5370 JT Klimek



 Bradley Barbee


SEAL (red)

 Open Seat

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College of Textiles (2 Seats)

Kate Puricz

First Year- Fashion and Textile Management

SEAL (red)

Alice Di Fazio

Sophomore- Polymer and Color Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Graduate School (6 Seats)


Zach Lentz

Biological/Agricultural Engineering


Dylan Reinhardt

Biological/Agricultural Engineering

Tim Huber

School Administration

YanikMatthew Yanik

Physiology, Poultry Science

 Jasmine Park

Textile Chemistry

 Simon Gregg

Biological/Agricultural Engineering

First-Year Graduates (2 Seats)

Ann Savage

Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management

 Christopher Poteat