Student Senate President 


Mitchell Moravec  


Senate Leadership

   Full Senate Directory  


First-Year Undergraduates (10 Seats)

Aitana Blevins 

Engineering, Political Science

Amy Clemmons

Political Science

David Flowers 

First Year Engineering

Dominic Rodts

Mechanical Engineering

Jean Ferman

Exploratory Studies

Michael Evans

Statistics, Economics


Morgan Fitzgerald

Exploratory Studies

Skye McCollum

Political Science

Vish Pillai


 Jared Smith

Political Science














































College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (6 Seats)

Bartolomé Cisneros

Animal Science


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Katherine Miller

Crop and Soil Science

Coleman Simpson

Agricultural Education, Political Science

Jimmy Donovan


Garrison Rountree

Agricultural Business Management



























Division of Academic and Student Affairs (2 Seats)

Austin Hass

Structural and Molecular Biochemistry


Eric La Rosee

Exploratory Studies














College of Design (2 Seats)

Open Seat!

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 Open Seat!

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College of Education (2 Seats)

Andy Lam


Malik Thornton

Political Science















College of Engineering (10 Seats)


Current Delegation Projects

  • Improve transportation between centennial and main campuses, get more information on current projects that may be in the works.
  • Revise the E101 and E122 Curriculum to give students more useful skills and greater clarity on various academic options; change FEDD to FYEDD (first year instead of freshmen)
  • Similar timing of engineering classes resulting in inefficiencies and overworked employees
  • The Enhancement Fee: What is it specifically? What does it do for students? Could it be used better?
  • More and higher quality  advising for new students.
  • Increase connection between main and centennial through art, events, campus collaborations, etc.
  • Get MAE Department to allow students to see professor names (not just section names) when enrolling for classes
Alex Obiol

Textile Engineering

Josh Mitchell

Mechanical Engineering

Karli Murphy

Chemical Engineering

Lauren Siegel

Computer Science, Economics

Richa Patel

Aerospace Engineering, Political Science

Sid DeSouza

Electrical Engineering

Jaspal Singh

Electrical Engineering, Economics

Adam Schmidt

Civil Engineering;

Sophie Holmes

First Year Engineering


Dami Fasina

Nuclear Engineering









College of Humanities and Social Sciences (8 Seats)

Sean Harrington

Political Science

Sophia McMahan 

Political Science, Communication

Harrison Preddy

Political Science

Annabelle Hale

Communications – PR

Ryan Dunn

Political Science

Sam Chan

Political Science

Gabby Dauntain 

Political Science

































College of Natural Resources (3 Seats)

Chase Conner

Environmental Sciences

Danny Maher

Sport Management

Jacob Kauer

Sport Management



Poole College of Management (5 Seats)

John Saavedra

Economics, International Studies

Case Cody

Business Administration, Political Science

Kelsie O’Connell


Luke Jones

Business Administration-Finance

Jasper Bledsoe


Business Administration





College of Sciences (6 Seats)

Clay Chaney


Elizabeth Hagerty 

Biological Sciences-Human Biology

Jordan Bischoff


Ryan Bartone

Human Biology

Spencer Harris

Science, Technology, and Society

Zachary Lewis






College of Textiles (2 Seats)

Kate Puricz

Fashion and Textile Management

Jordyn Scheitler

Fashion and Textile Management, Spanish





Graduate & Lifelong Education (8 Seats)

Zac Lentz

Biological/Agricultural Engineering

Ann Savage

 Masters Student in Parks, Recreation & Tourism Management

Christopher Poteat



Christine Brugh

PhD student in Applied Social & Community Psychology

James Withrow


Khelan Patel

Computer Science

Paige Nemec 

PhD student in the Comparative Biomedical Sciences Program

 Mike Madden

PhD student in Atmospheric Sciences

 Berkley Griffin






First-Year Graduates (2 Seats)

Mitkumar Pandya

Computer Science

Sachin Kumar

Computer Science