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Raleigh Updates


New Bike Law (effective Dec 1)

A new state law will require all bikes to have a front white light and rear red light, or the rider has to have reflective clothing, as of Dec. 1. Read a thorough description here.

Hillsborough Street Renewal Newsletter

Have questions or concerns about what all is happening on Hillsborough Street during the construction phases? Check out their newsletter for more information! Learn more.

PassportParking App (Hillsborough Street Parking)

Don’t you hate having to come back and feed the meter every two hours on Hillsborough Street? The solution is here! PassportParking allows you to recharge your meter virtually on their convenient and user-friendly app. Download today! Learn more.

City of Raleigh Bikeshare

Update from Hillsborough Street Community Service Corporation Board of Directors (HSCSC – BOD) | Presentation by Eric Lamb, City of Raleigh

  • smart-bike technology (Portland system)
  • project is fully funded (from City Council and capital commissioners)
  • 300 bicycles for rent at 30 outdoor stations around Raleigh
  • goal to have the system up and running by the end of 2017

Bike Raleigh Website


Hillsborough Street Revitalization Project, Phase II

National Campus Leadership Council

College Affordability

Highlighted Article

Tuition Hikes in Store at Some State Universities (12/12/16): Experts say many public institutions are raising tuition prices to make up for state budget cuts.


Sexual Assault Prevention


Mental Health

Highlighted Article

Mental Health on the Syllabus (1/17/17) Northwestern University’s Faculty Senate passes a resolution encouraging professors to put information about mental health services on their syllabi.


Diversity & Inclusion

Highlighted Article

Minority students at U-Md. issue 64 demands, including prayer rooms in every major building and shuttles to Muslim center(12/28/16) A coalition of 25 student organizations representing eight minority communities at the University of Maryland has presented a list of 64 demands to the administration.