About our club

We are the Tabletop Gamer’s Club at NC State.

We are a very diverse group of casual and enthusiast gamers alike, with roughly 50 students in attendance. Our general meeting time is typically 6:00pm on Friday nights, in Witherspoon Student Center. Room numbers can change, so be sure to check the schedule. These meetings consist of spontaneous board and card games, as well as RPG campaigns and tournaments.

Our meetings are public and open to all. This is a very fun club that’s easy participate in – even if you haven’t played many games.

We also hold gaming events throughout the year such as Magic The Gathering Drafts and D&D Megagames.


Our club has a large library of games that we are constantly expanding. Our members have the ability to check out games and use materials from the library.

If you are a game designer or aficionado and you would like to donate one of your games to the club we will gladly accept it! We appreciate all offers of games and materials – this can be accepted as your contribution of dues to the club and will confer membership.

To become a member, just come to one of our meetings listed in the schedule and ask an officer. Membership dues are $10 per year. You can also donate a game, book, or other gaming resource to the club library for membership. Membership benefits include, but aren’t limited to: access to rent from our gaming library, a casting vote on purchases and other club matters.