Pan-Afrikan Week

Previous Years of Pan-Afrikan Week

Pan-Afrikan Week is a week long celebration hosted by UAB’s Black Students Board to highlight black culture and excellence with an array of events and partnerships with other organizations.


Pan Af Event Breakdown for 2021

UPDATED angela rye graphics for Pan Af Week

pan af 2021 schedule for BSB

Vibe N’ Paint – Saturday, April 10th

Get ready to vibe and paint with us as DJ TM plays music from all spectrums of the Pan-African diaspora. Meet us on Stafford Commons during the session you register for! We are offering 3 sessions: 1-2pm, 3-4pm, and 5-6pm, so sign up for one of them today!

Giveaway Pick-Up – Monday, April 12th

We always have goodies! Stop by the Woodward Involvement Center (Talley 4210) to pick up a bag full of Pan-Af Week giveaways!

Alumni Panel – Tuesday, April 13th

Come hear some of our Alumni of color talk about their career experiences starting at 6pm! Also, tips and tricks for surviving college and pursuing your goals. There will be an opportunity to ask questions and seek advice! 

Virtual Speaker – Wednesday, April 14th

Come hear our speaker, Angela Rye, discuss the importance of empowerment and advocacy, and what is so important for the Black community to come together. 

Trap Fit – Thursday, April 15th

Come participate in a fun exercise session with Trap Fit on one of our Wellness Days! You can de-stress, get fit, and have fun all on Stafford Commons! In addition, smoothies will be available from Hip Hop Smoothies for all who participate in the in-person class! We have a few extra smoothies for others too!, so if you don’t want to come work out but you want a smoothie, that is an option in the registration link below!  The fitness class will be streamed for those who prefer to workout from home!

Showtime on the Lawn – Friday, April 16th

We couldn’t have a pageant so we wanted to bring the next best thing! Join us on the Court of Carolinas as we watch DreamGirls to honor our yearly pageant! The movie will also be streamed for those who prefer to watch from home!

Food for the Soul – Saturday, April 17th

Come grab food from Boricua Soul’s food truck at Harris Field by registering below! Feel free to fellowship with other students while you wait!

2019: Watch The Throne

You are now watching the throne for Pan-Afrikan Week 2019. This was a week-long celebration of Black excellence and all of the beauty the culture encompasses. The Black Students Board offered opportunities to turn up, learn, fellowship, and more from Saturday, April 6th, to Saturday, April 13th. We adjusted our crowns and got ready for a good time!