TUFFTalks 2020

TUFFTalks 2020 will be held February 6 in Stewart Theatre! Doors will open at 5:30pm, and speakers begin at 6:00pm. There will be giveaways and a reception with refreshments immediately following the event.

TUFFTalks 2020 Theme: “What is the Norm?” is meant to challenge societal norms by exploring diverse perspectives through the minority eye. We want this to be an opportunity for speakers to use their voice & personal experiences to open up our campus & community to new ideas. We are looking for speakers who are boundary-breaking, introducing these topics to make our audience question what and why society deems as “typical” or “normal”.

The goal of TUFFTalks 2020 is to give members of the Wolfpack a platform to share how they have and continue to break the norm.


Keynote Speaker: Mike Africa Jr.

“After being secretly born in a cell after his parents were each sentenced to 100 years as political prisoners, Mike Africa Jr. turned his story into inspiration as a hip hop artist, writer, speaker, and member of The MOVE Organization. Living through abuse and police bombings, he worked to see his parents released and reunited, continuing his legacy in the black power movement.”