Spotify Playlists

Why Spotify?

Spotify is a music player which can be accessed through a web browser, desktop app, or mobile app. A basic account is free and allows you to listen to unlimited music on the desktop or web app with brief ads. Purchasing a premium subscription removes ads and allows you to skip and repeat songs on the mobile app, however, this is not necessary in order to use our club playlists. Spotify is compatible with a number of smart devices, including iPhones, Androids, and Amazon Echos.

By hosting club playlists on Spotify, we can ensure all club members have free access to a variety of bellydance music in order to improve their dancing. We will always try to choreograph and drill to songs available on Spotify so that you can go home and practice to the same music.

Anyone with a Spotify account can make and share playlists. There are hundreds (if not thousands!) of bellydance songs on the platform, so you can easily make your own bellydance practice playlists and share them with other members.

That being said, if you are performing a solo, make sure you purchase and download your music in advance. Don’t rely on Spotify the day of the performance!

Club Spotify Account:

Bellydance Club at NC State

Visit this page for playlists of our favorite songs to practice and perform to. We’re always looking to expand the playlists available, so if you have great taste in music and want to make a playlist, just let us know.

Drill Playlists:

30 minute long playlists of drill music. This music may not be quite as exciting as performance music, but help you build your dance technique without stressing about music.

You will need a free Spotify account to access these playlists.

  1. Mix (fast and slow, a good starter playlist)
  2. Slow (slower music, good for focusing on fluid moves)
  3. Shimmy (drum-focused music, good for practicing shimmies, drum solos, and quick transitions)

Club-Curated Playlists:

Playlists developed and maintained by the club.

Coming soon!

Other Recommended Playlists:

Playlists the club didn’t make. We just like them. We take no responsibility for the content within should the creators decide to change the lists.


Tribal and Tribal Fusion:

  • Coming soon!