Past Annual Programs

Pan-Afrikan Week

The Purpose of Pan-Af is to celebrate the diversity of black culture. The week will consist of events that allow black students on campus a space to feel recognized and appreciated. Pan-Af also allows black organizations to have a platform to showcase the purpose of their organizations, again forming a space for students to create relationships and learn more about what NC State offers for black Students.

Back 2 School Jam

This event is catered toward incoming and current Black NC State students. To help them feel more immersed by providing organizations and resources to help make their transition comfortable and impactful. This event is also important in establishing what Black Students Board is and how we aim to foster a sense of community across the African diaspora. Back 2 School Jam is an event held to foster community and show students resources available to students of color at NC State. Organizations, clubs, and campus resources will be tabling to allow students to connect through our stamping method. Performances by student organizations will display the creativity and art of blackness within our community.