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Muslim Student Association

Welcome to NCSU MSA!

The primary goals of the Muslim Student Association are to educate the students and faculty of the university about Islam as well as create an environment for the Muslim students that follows Islamic guidelines. As one of the largest organizations on campus, the MSA at N.C. State has held picnics, dinners and educational events throughout the semester for many years and hopes to continue its traditions while building bridges within the university campus and the broader Raleigh community.


General Body Meetings

301 Riddick Hall


Upcoming Events!


General Body Meeting

Date/Time/Place: 9/21/17   6pm in 301 Riddick Hall


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Sister’s Movie Night

Date/Time/Place: 9/15/17  7pm in DH Hill Auditorium

Description: Salaams ladies!
Join us for our first sisters social event of the semester iA! There will be lots of tasty snacks, along with a great opportunity for us to all get to know one another!

Please feel free to bring along and invite your gal friends the more the merrier! *The movie is still TBD if you have any suggestions please comment them and we’ll decide based on what everyone would enjoy!* (Click here for poll)

Location is auditorium on 2nd floor of DH Hill Library (above the prayer space room)

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