Ryley Fallon- Staff Photo

Editor-in-Chief Ryley Fallon,

Ryley Fallon is a senior in English and Interdisciplinary Studies. She loves all things creative writing and popular media studies!

Cora Jones- Staff Photo

Design Editor Cora Jones

Cora Jones is a second-year Art & Design student. She loves working at Windhover because the magazine offers creatives at NC State to show the work they’re passionate about.

Tuesday Pil- Staff Photo

Literary Editor Tuesday Pil

Tuesday Pil is an English creative writing major and loves to write fantasy inspired by Filipino culture. She also loves mangos, reading, and D&D. You can find her at open mics, English club, and writer events around campus.

Ben Daggs- Staff Photo

Visual Editor Ben Daggs

Ben Daggs is a junior in English and philosophy.

Paparazzi still at work

Assistant Design Editor
Katharine Spanberg

Promotions Designer
Alex Jackan

Assistant Literary Editor
Theo Carter