Just like the Inter-Residence Council (IRC) oversees the Residence Halls at North Carolina State University, IRC is governed by a state, regional and national organization. Each year we affiliate with NCARH, SAACURH and NACURH.

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North Carolina Affiliate for Residence Halls (NCARH)

NCARHWith member schools across North Carolina, NCARH represents all college and university residence hall associations, which are affiliated. Each year, members of the Inter-Residence Council attend the NCARH Conference sometime in late January to early February.


South Atlantic Affiliate for College & University Residence Halls (SAACURH)

SAACURH was formed in 1964 and consists of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia. SAACURH is the pride of NACURH!



National Affiliate for College & University Residence Halls (NACURH)

NACURH is an international organization made up of eight regions, which include NEACURH, SAACURH, SWACURH, GLACURH, MACURH, PACURH, IACURH, CAACURH. These eight regions cover the entire United States, Canada, and Mexico. NACURH is the largest student run organization in the world and brings together students who live in residence halls on college campuses to share ideas, resources and best practices to improve their residential communities.