What is the Inter-Residence Council?


Our People

We are comprised of any NC State student who resides with University Housing. From these communities, students elect peers who form the many Hall/Area Councils that plan experiences and advocate for their residents.  When an initiative affects the larger residential experience, our executive board has the resources to discuss the matter with university officials to support the interests of our students.


Our Purpose

We strive to serve our community and create a space for residents to be engaged and grow. We are committed to advocating on behalf of our residential communities to provide leadership development opportunities to all.


Our Values

Building Our Communities

We provide opportunities for residents to come together, build long-lasting relationships, foster inclusive spaces, and deepen their connection to their environment

Empowering Our Leaders

We support residents in their endeavors and provide them with opportunities to act as a leader among their peers by offering services that extend resident capability, assisting them in creating their collegiate experience.

Advocating For Residents

We support the interests of residents to better their living environment and experiences by utilizing our influence to champion initiatives on their behalf.