Once every semester, the Engineers’ Council appropriates engineering student fees to engineering organizations.

The following information is accurate as of 8/29/2023 and effective for the FALL 2023 Appropriations Cycle.

To be eligible for funding, an appropriations form must be filled out, as found below. In addition, percentage funding is influenced by fulfilling specific requirements set by E-Council.

Each semester, as the student council for the College of Engineering, the Engineers’ Council, oversees the process of distributing funding provided by the college to the various engineering clubs and organizations on campus. The fund being distributed is made up of a small portion of each student in the College of Engineering’s “Engineering Enhancement Fee” – as such, there are specific guidelines for how these funds can be used which are found in the documents linked on this page. The process of distributing the funding to engineering clubs and organizations is overseen by the current E-Council Internal & External Treasurers. In this role, the Treasurers contact engineering clubs and organizations (using the contact list at the bottom of the page) providing the schedule/due dates as well as documents that lay out how the process is run. The appropriations decisions are ultimately made by the Department Representatives under the advisement of the E-Council Treasurers. The Treasurers ensure that funding requests are allowable per guidelines approved by Engineering Academic Affairs, align with the E-Council Priorities, and that each club/organization has a fair opportunity to compete for funding.

Appropriations Priorities


Appropriations Documents

Clubs/Organizations that apply for funding are expected to have read and are responsible for all information contained within the Funding Guidelines & Appropriations Packet documents linked below. Please read these documents in advance and reach out to the current E-Council Treasurers using the button at the bottom of the page if you have any questions. Any funding requests made by a club/organization which are in defiance with the information contained within the documents below will NOT be funded AND may negatively impact other requests in your overall appropriations decision.

Appropriations Information Packet

The Appropriations Packet provides a schedule and overview of the process. Here, you can find information on Department Representatives and their role in the Appropriations process, what materials need to be submitted, and other important information. This Packet is meant to serve as a comprehensive guide to the Appropriations Process. All organizations are expected to thoroughly review the information in this packet prior to requesting funding.

DR Rubric

The DR Rubric linked above is a non-binding rubric provided to DR’s to help evaluate club’s/organization’s presentations based on the guidelines and requirements outlined in the documents linked to the left. In general, a higher point score on this document will correlate to more funding being received – however, this one-page sheet is not completely comprehensive, so this may not always be the case.

Appropriations Application Links

F23 Funding Application Receipt Submissions Department Representative Application