NC State
Graduate Student Association

Internal Committees

All GSA representatives serve on one of our seven internal committees in order to work on our various programs and events. Committees will be updated in the fall when new committee assignments are made. You can email the committee by clicking on the committee’s name on this page or you can email the chair by clicking on the chair link below each committee name.

Teaching Effectiveness Committee

Chair: Somanita Kheang, Adult, Workforce, and Continuing Professional Education; Tuhin Roy, Civil Engineering

  • Bansari Joshi Textiles, College of (TTM) Engineering
  • Michelle Kirchner, Entomology
  • Mason Hayes, English
  • Hannah Simmons, Biology (formerly Zoology)
  • Annabel Meade, Biomath
  • Cigdem Meral, Teacher Education & Learning Sciences (TELS)

Judicial Committee


  • David Elsheimer, Statistics
  • Craig Jensen, Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences (MEAS)
  • Miles Calzini, Chemistry
  • Montana Knight, Genomic Sciences
  • Ryan Weeks, Toxicology
  • Enrique Pena, Biological & Agricultural Engineering
  • Tatina Height, Black Graduate Student Association (BGSA)

Community and Social Engagement Committee

Chair: Dalton George, Forestry & Environmental Resources; Rosa McDonald, PhD College of Design Student Association

  • Alison Waldman, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
  • Hannah Jones, Communication
  • Brandon Huber, Horticultural Science
  • Yiming Lin, Economics
  • Amber Holland, Communication, Rhetoric, and Digital Media

Legislative Affairs and Student Advocacy Committee

Chair: Kyle Bailey, History

  • Anna Dye, Plant Biology
  • Andrew Andis, Physics
  • Navyatha Kakumanu, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
  • Alexandra Henriques, Underrepresented STEM GSA (USGSA)
  • Kalynn Harlow, Animal Science
  • Alexia Hyde, International Studies, Masters of
  • Kristin Tar, Public Administration
  • Justin Middleton, Computer Science Engineering

Finance Committee


  • Sachin Iyengar, Accounting, Masters of
  • John Hedlund, Sociology
  • Tim Kloppe, Plant Pathology
  • James Reynolds, Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Jesse Blackmon, Business Administration, Masters of (MBA)
  • Amira Hijazi, Industrial & Systems Engineering

Special Projects Committee

Chair: Haley Vance, Jenkins Minorities in Business Student Association

  • Reilly Protzman, Parks, Recreation, & Tourism Management
  • Demetra Protogyrou, Operations Research Engineering
  • Cashous Bortner, Mathematics
  • Eric Butoto, Crop and Soil Sciences
  • Devin Sweeney, Higher Education
  • Avery Miller, Forest Biomaterials
  • Melanie Ghelardini, Materials Science & Engineering

Research Recognition Committee

Chair: Grayson Walker, Veterinary Medicine, College of

  • Sandra Stangeland-Molo, Biomedical Engineering
  • Mitch McDonald, Psychology
  • Katherine Cupo, Poultry Science
  • Alexander Yoshizumi, Geospatial Graduate Student Organization
  • Kristen Adcock, Genetics
  • Lauren Fulcher, Technical Communication
  • Troi Davis, Physiology


We would like to thank our faculty adviser from the Graduate School, Peter Harries for his continued support and guidance in our work.