NC State
Graduate Student Association

Internal Committees

All GSA representatives serve on one of our seven internal committees in order to work on our various programs and events. We recognize their hard work by listing them here. Committees listed below are for the 2017-2018 GSA Year. Committees will be updated in the fall when new committee assignments are made. You can email the committee by clicking on the committee’s name on this page or you can email the chair by clicking on the chair link below each committee name.

Teaching Effectiveness Committee

Chair: Victoria Ream, Sociology; Rebecca Poole, Animal Science

  • Hannah Mayfield, Communication, Rhetoric, and Digital Media
  • Sierra Patterson, History
  • Kyle Griewisch, Microbiology
  • Jianfen Chen, Technical Communication

Judicial Committee

Chair: Jocelyn Rosario, Accounting

  • Ian Huntress, Genomic Sciences
  • Adrian Green, Toxicology
  • Rachael McCaully, Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences (MEAS)

Community and Social Engagement Committee

Chair: Carolyn Raunch, Higher Education

  • Shivpal Yadav, Civil Engineering
  • Malinda Dietrich/Madison Beecher, Communication
  • Jin Qin, Economics
  • Samantha Duke, English
  • Jeremy Slone, Entomology
  • Andrea Stewart, Forestry & Environmental Resources
  • Brandon Huber, Horticultural Science
  • Briyana Rosado, Physiology
  • Mostakima Mafruha Lubna, Textiles, College of (TTM) Engineering

Legislative Affairs and Student Advocacy Committee

Chair: Ryan Dudek, Chemical & Bio-molecular Engineering

  • Justin A. Middleton, Computer Science Engineering
  • Noah DeWitt, Crop and Soil Sciences
  • Matt Kollman, Forest Biomaterials
  • Brent Boland, Physics
  • Anna Dye, Plant Biology
  • Varun Prakash, Business Administration, Masters of (MBA)

Finance Committee

Chair: Raj Waghela, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

  • Talha Agcayazi, Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Md Hafizul Islam, Industrial & Systems Engineering

Graduate Representation Committee

Chair: Laura Minnema, Veterinary Medicine

  • Andy Maurer, Biology (formerly Zoology)
  • Alexandra (Ali) Henriques, Materials Science & Engineering

Special Projects Committee

Chair: Kimberly Nellenbach, Biomedical Engineering

  • Somanita Kheang, Adult, Workforce, and Continuing Professional Education
  • Andrew Rogers, Parks, Recreation, & Tourism Management
  • Bradley Johnson, Public Administration
  • MaLyn Lawhorn, Statistics

Research Recognition Committee

Chair: Erin Peterson, Genetics

  • Megan Boland, Biological & Agricultural Engineering
  • Annabel Meade, Biomath
  • Carl Meunier, Chemistry
  • Erik Myxter-iino, International Studies
  • Anthony Powell, Mathematics
  • Lynesia Taylor, Operations Research Engineering
  • Urmila Adhikari, Plant Pathology
  • Katherine Cupo, Poultry Science
  • Braxton Hicks, Psychology
  • Tamika McElveen, Teacher Education & Learning Sciences (TELS)


We would like to thank our faculty adviser from the Graduate School, Peter Harries for his continued support and guidance in our work.