NC State
Graduate Student Association

Executive Board Roles and Duties

The executive board oversees the administration of the GSA and serves as the first line of communication between the GSA and the rest of the University at large. When contacting the GSA, it is normally better to address the entire exec board to ensure that your message is heard and answered, but if you need to reach out to a particular member, they are listed here for your reference.

  • President: Deveshwar Hariharan
    • Executive Liason for the Special Projects and Political Action Committee
    • Addresses graduate student concerns, Inter-University networking, communicates with the graduate student body
  • Vice President of External AffairsAdam Schmidt
    • Executive Liason for the Community Service Committee
    • University standing committees organizes GSA community service events, represent GSA
  • Vice President of Internal Affairs: Nigar Sultana
    Executive Liason for the Department of Outreach and Leadership Committee

    • Best Practices Award, Representative resource, and constitutional amendments
  • Vice President of Academic Affairs: Echo Pan
    • Executive Liason for the Research Recognition Committee
    • GSA Award for Conferences, Graduate Research Symposium
  • Vice President of Communications: Gracie Gray
    • Executive Liason for the Publicity Committee
    • Listserv, website updates, and technological concerns
  • VP of  Student Governance Relations: Des Woods
    • Represent the graduate students in student governance structures
  • Secretary: Ayush Pravin Agarwal
    • Executive Liason for the Teaching Effectiveness Committee
    • Outstanding TA Awards, meeting minutes and historicizing the organization
  • Treasurer: Jared Cossin
    • Executive Liason for the Social Committee
    • Yearly budget, honoraria/block grant, social events

Executive Board Bios

President: Deveshwar Hariharan

Hello Wolfpack, I’m Deveshwar, a 2nd year  PhD student in the ECE Dept. I’m really excited to serve as the President of GSA this year. I work with self driving vehicles, specifically in optimizing how they can share data while on the road. I’m also a rock climbing enthusiast (if you’re looking for a climbing buddy, let me know). I’ve been involved with the GSA for 3 years now, this has given me the opportunity to interact with people from different backgrounds and ethnicities. The year 2020 has shown us a clear need to reinforce our commitment to Diversity, Equity and inclusion. This year’s executive board has made this our priority. We understand the stresses and issues surrounding grad life, worker’s rights and mental health. My vision is to create an equitable, inclusive and fair environment, and I will try to achieve this through representation and advocacy.  I will not be able to realize this alone, I need you to reach out to me when you face issues that you believe is something we need to address.

Vice President of External Affairs: Adam Schmidt 

Hi everyone! I’m a third-year Ph.D. student in the Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering, where my research focuses on the social and economic impacts of public transit projects. This is my second year on the GSA Executive Board, and I’ve previously held positions in the NC State Student Government and the UNC Association of Student Governments during my time as an undergraduate at NC State. As the VP of External Affairs, I help facilitate GSA’s advocacy efforts, organizing meetings with University administrators, local leaders, state legislators, and members of Congress to discuss issues relevant to graduate students and potential policy actions. Feel free to reach out if there are issues you want to make sure GSA is bringing up in these meetings or if you want to talk about graduate student advocacy efforts!

Vice President of Internal Affairs: Nigar Sultana
pic of vp of internal affairs
Hello everyone! I am Nigar Sultana, a third-year Ph.D. candidate in the Fiber and Polymer Science
Program, developing nano biosensors for the biomedical application. The bio sensor will be used as a non-invasive sensor, which may be applied for detecting underlying diseases. I am also working on developing an optical pH sensor by using Carbon Nanotube, which is applicable in many sectors including disease detection. I will be serving as the Vice President of Internal Affairs for the 2022-2023 school year. This is my first year on the GSA executive board, so I am very excited to work with the rest of the executive board to advocate for all graduate students at NC State University! Feel free to email me with any questions, concerns, or feedback.

Vice President of Academic Affairs: Echo Pan
pic of VP of academic affairs
Hello everyone, my name is Echo (Meichen) Pan, a 3rd-year Ph.D. student in the Functional Genomics program. My research focuses on the biology and genetics of CRISPR-Cas adaptive immune systems in bacteria, implementing multifaceted approaches including microbiology, molecular biology, and genomics, to better understand the genetic and molecular processes in bacteria with industrial and health relevance. It is a great honor to serve as the VP of Academic Affairs, and as the liaison of the Research Recognition Committee. I will work closely with the Graduate School in coordinating Graduate Research Symposium, promoting graduate student research and scientific communication. I also serve as a GSA representative to the Administrative Board of the Graduate School, connecting the graduate student body to the executive side of the administration and advocating for the graduate student community across campus. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions/concerns regarding GSA research/travel awards or GSA as a whole.

Vice President of Communications: Gracie Gray

Hi everyone! My name is Gracie and I am a second-year graduate student in the Communication department here at NC State. My research interests align with public relations and marketing, and how the two intersect. I look forward to serving as the VP of Communications for the Graduate Student Association this academic year. I am the executive liaison for the CASE committee, which organizes social and community events for graduate students. I am also responsible for the graduate newsletter, PawPrints; and, the GSA social media accounts. Please feel free to reach out to me if you want to share something with graduate students via any of those platforms.

VP of  Student Governance Relations: Des Woods

Des Woods is a second-year student in the Higher Education Administration Program at NC State. Des also serves as the Graduate Assistant for the African American Cultural Center and Graduate Intern for Poole College of Management’s Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Des’ passions include advocating for people of historically marginalized identities through inclusive policy-making and recruitment for companies. Des also serves as the VP of Graduate and Professional Student Affairs for the University of North Carolina System Association of Student Governments, where he advocates for the needs of all graduate students in the UNC System.

Secretary: Ayush Pravin Agarwal
picture of secretary in a suit

Hey there, I am Ayush Pravin Agarwal, a second-year master’s student in Industrial and
Systems Engineering at NCSU. My focus study area is Systems and Process Optimization,
along with research interest in Industrial Automation, Macroergonomics, and Sociotechnical
Systems. I am also an active student member of the Institute of Industrial and Systems
Engineers (IISE), Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME), and MAITRI (Indian Graduate
Student Association at NCSU). This is my first year on the GSA Executive Board, and it is an
honor to serve as the Secretary of NCSU GSA. I will serve as an active member and liaison of
the Teaching Effectiveness Committee to oversee and maintain all the records of GSA All
Council Meetings. As the Secretary of NCSU GSA, I will work towards the betterment of
Graduate Students and historicize the organization.

Treasurer: Jared Cossin
pic of treasurer in a suit
Hello! I am Jared Cossin, a first-year graduate student in Chemistry with research that focuses on precursor-directed biosynthesis and enzyme engineering. My main goal is to make more accessible pathways to antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals by using a combination of traditional organic chemistry and synthetic biology. This is my first year on the GSA executive board, and I look forward to finding new ways to advocate for graduate student rights. I serve as treasurer and look forward to working with you. Go Pack!