NC State
Graduate Student Association

Executive Board Roles and Duties

The executive board oversees the administration of the GSA and serves as the first line of communication between the GSA and the rest of the University at large. When contacting the GSA, it is normally better to address the entire exec board to ensure that your message is heard and answered, but if you need to reach out to a particular member, they are listed here for your reference.

  • President: Summia Rahman
    • Addresses graduate student concerns, generates creative ideas to expand GSA resources, participates in Inter-university networking, and communicates with graduate student body
    • Executive Liaison for the University administration, Special Projects and Political Action Committee
  • Vice President of External AffairsTasnim Jannat
    • Executive Liason for the Legislative Affairs and Student Advocacy (LASA) Committee
    • Organizes university standing committees appointments, manages Legislative Action Days (LAD)
  • Vice President of Internal Affairs: Christina Marlow
    • Executive Liason for the Judicial Committee
    • Representative Resource, and manages constitutional amendments
  • Vice President of Academic Affairs: Naimul Haque
    • Executive Liason for the Research Recognition Committee
    • GSA Award for Conferences, Graduate Research Symposium
  • Vice President of Communications: Grace Fuller
    • Executive Liaison for the Community and Social Engagement (CASE) Committee
    • Listserv, website updates, and technological concerns
  • VP of  Student Governance Relations: Saifur Rahman
    • Represents the graduate students in student governance structures
  • Secretary: Shubham Rawat
    • Executive Liason for the Teaching Effectiveness Committee
    • Outstanding TA Awards, meeting minutes and historicizing the organization
  • Treasurer: Arjun Madhusudan
    • Yearly budget, honoraria/block grant applications,

Executive Board Bios

President: Summia Rahman

Hello everyone! I’m Summia Rahman, a 2nd-year PhD student in the department of Forest Biomaterials under College of Natural Resources. I’m dedicated to exploring sustainable solutions in bio-based food packaging. My passion lies in advocating for graduate student needs and fostering a positive, supportive environment. Throughout my academic journey, I’ve been fueled by an uncontainable passion for helping others, and constantly seeking ways to make a positive impact. It’s this vibrant energy and deep-seated love for service that propel me to make a difference. As a member of the GSA executive board, I’m excited to contribute to initiatives that enhance resources for our student community. My goal is to ensure that every graduate student feels empowered and supported throughout their academic endeavors. Feel free to reach out if you’d like to connect or discuss ideas!

Vice President of External Affairs: Tasnim Jannat

Hello! I’m Tasnim Jannat, a second-year PhD. student in the Department of Communication, Rhetoric, and Digital Media (CRDM). My research is centered on decolonizing the Western social activism movement and examining the impact of the digital divide in the perspectives of global South. As Vice President of External Affairs, I am committed to advancing the needs of graduate students by facilitating GSA’s advocacy initiatives with university leadership, local representatives, state legislators, and members of Congress. In this capacity, I advocate for graduate student concerns and propose potential policy actions. Please feel free to contact me if you have any specific issues you’d like to raise with GSA or regarding graduate student advocacy efforts!

Vice President of Internal Affairs: Christina Marlow

Hello GradPack! I’m Christina Marlow, a fourth-year PhD candidate in the Lifespan Developmental Psychology Program in the Psychology Department in CHASS. My research focuses on children and young adolescent’s perceptions and evaluations of inequality, specifically cheating and structural-based inequalities. As Vice President of Internal Affairs, I plan the GSA Representative orientation, coordinate rooms and scheduling for All-Council meetings, help onboard new chapters, serve as the executive liaison for the Judicial Committee of GSA, and ensure that GSA procedures are conducted smoothly so that we best serve our broader graduate student community! Please reach out to me with any questions or concerns you might have, particularly regarding GSA and subcommittee processes. I look forward to serving and working with you all. Go Pack!!!

Vice President of Academic Affairs:Naimul Haque

Hi, I’m Naimul Haque, a 3rd-year Ph.D. student in Forest Biomaterials. My research involves real-time characterization of municipal solid waste using cutting-edge technologies. As the VP of Academic Affairs for the GSA, I serve as a liaison between the graduate school and the research recognition committee for travel grant applications, supporting talented researchers. Additionally, I represent GSA in the Student Mental Health Task Force Academic Regulation Implementation Team, contributing to student well-being. Feel free to email me about GSA research/travel awards or any GSA-related inquiries. *

Vice President of Communications: Grace Fuller

Hi, I’m Grace Fuller  and I am originally from Biloxi, MS. I am a Genetics and Genomics Scholar and a second year Ph.D. student in the Genetics Program.  I am very interested in gene editing technology and am driven by the goal of advancing gene editing tools applicable across a wide span of organisms including plants, bacteria, and animals. As your Vice President of Communications, my aim is to promote collaboration and engagement within our Graduate Student Association, amplifying our collective impact. Please email me if you have an event or announcement you would like to be included in the GSA Pawprint Newsletter.

Vice President of  Student Governance Relations: Saifur Rahman

Hi, I am Saifur Rahman, a second-year PhD student at the Department of Agricultural and Human Sciences. My research involved the attitude and perception of extension professionals regarding the use of AI in the agriculture sector. I am also working on projects like BiGG, Assure, and Social. I am highly interested in traveling and photography. As your Vice President of Student Governance Relations, I will always keep communication with the NCSU Student Government and share information regarding the needs of the graduate students. Feel free to email me with any questions or concerns regarding the student governance relations. I look forward to serving and working with you all.

Secretary: Shubham Rawat

Hey Wolfpack! I’m Shubham Rawat, a 2nd year PhD student in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department. My research focuses on power electronic converter topologies and their control. These converters are used for grid integration of renewable energy sources. As a Secretary for NC State GSA, I oversee and maintain the records of all GSA meetings. I am also the executive liaison for the Teaching Effectiveness Committee. TEC facilitates networking and addresses the issues related to graduate student teachers at NC State. The committee organises GSA Teaching Excellence Awards every year to motivate graduate student teachers. As the GSA Secretary, I would actively work to affirm the values of graduate students and make GSA a space for collective action and improvement. Please feel free to email me with any questions, concerns, or feedback, especially if you work as a TA.

Treasurer: Arjun Madhusudan

Hey all! I’m Arjun Madhusudan, a 3rd year PhD student in Computer Science – I research visuals in graphics, esports, player performance, and all the good stuff. I’m also studying tournaments and competitive play as a research methodology, so you might see me hosting gaming events around campus often. This is my first year with the GSA, and I’ll be serving as your Treasurer. This means you’ll often look for me when talking about your (chapter’s) rebates and grants. I look forward to supporting you and the WolfPack as best as I can!