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About the Excellence in Graduate Teaching Awards

The NCSU Graduate Student Association, founded in 1959, has worked with graduate faculty and administrators to recognize outstanding graduate student teachers since the 1970s. Applications, consisting of letters of recommendation from faculty and students, teaching evaluations, and/or teaching portfolios, are submitted by Directors of Graduate Programs and evaluated by the GSA Teaching Excellence Committee. The majority of applicants, who represent the best of graduate student teaching in their department or program, receive a certificate of recognition. The best overall also receive a monetary award from the Graduate Student Association, funded through graduate student fees.

“We invite you to apply for the Graduate Student Association’s 2019 Teaching Awards, recognizing graduate student teaching accomplishments during the 2018 calendar year (Spring 2018 and Fall 2018). These awards are designed to recognize graduate students who exemplify the highest degree of achievement in classroom and laboratory teaching her at NC State. Applications are due Friday, February 21, 2020 at 11:59 PM.

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Winners and Nominees

Note: Awards are given in the spring semester, evaluating the work of graduate student teachers during the previous fall and spring semesters. For example, the awards ceremony of March 2018 recognized graduate students who taught during the calendar year 2017.
Excellence in Graduate Teaching Awards Fall and Spring 2017
Excellence in Graduate Teaching Awards Fall and Spring 2016
Excellence in Graduate Teaching Awards Fall and Spring 2015
Excellence in Graduate Teaching Awards Fall and Spring 2014
2013 Outstanding Teaching Assistant Awards
2012 Outstanding Teaching Assistant Awards