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New Student Survival Guide

The New Student Survival Guide is designed especially for new graduate students. Learn about NC State University and how to survive in the Triangle area. Returning students may learn something as well!

New to Raleigh? Check out these great tips

The New to Raleigh Guide includes all of the important details and information you might not know to google. From getting around to popular events near campus, this guide has it all.

Graduate Administrative Handbook

The Student Handbook is designed especially for graduate students. Learn about NC State University and what is required of graduate students!

Schedule of Required Documents

Graduate Student Stipend Report

Graduate student pay is among the most important issues for graduate students across campus. Graduate student payment is inconsistent across campus and significantly impacts graduate students’ mental health, lifestyle, and overall graduate-student experience. Thanks to extensive effort on the part of LASA (Legislative Affairs and Student Advocacy Committee), there is now an extensive report on the state of graduate student pay and how this is affecting graduate students at North Carolina State University. They also included several recommended actions to help address the problems around graduate student pay.

You can read the stipend report here.