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The GSA Conferences and Travel Awards consists of the GSA Award for Conferences and GSA Travel Assistance Award. These are highly competitive, merit-based awards intended to cover the costs of attending a conference for NC State graduate students. Students who wish to apply must submit a complete application using the submission form. The deadline for the Fall and Spring semesters are September 15 and February 15, respectively by 5 pm. Although students may apply in advance for funding, the GSA Conferences and Travel Awards operates on a reimbursement basis, meaning awardees are reimbursed for costs after travel takes place.

 1.GSA Award for Conferences

A student can only receive the GSA Award for Conferences once per graduate degree. If awarded, a student is reimbursed up to $1,500 to cover conference and travel expenses.

2.GSA Travel Assistance Award

The GSA Travel Assistance Award was created through collaborations between the GSA and the Graduate School. These awards were allocated for the first time in Spring 2018.

A student can only receive the GSA Travel Assistance Award once per graduate degree. If awarded, a student is reimbursed up to $500 to cover conference and travel expenses.

Other Awards

The committee may also decide to award applicants with Arthur B. Moss International Grant and Bob & Seuster Sowell Scholarship based on their availability each semester. Awardees are selected from the GSA Travel Awards application pool.



The GSA Conferences and Travel Awards are open to currently enrolled, fee-paying graduate students in good academic standing (GPA > 3.00). Please note that if you are taking advantage of the faculty waiver program (outlined here) you are not eligible for these awards.


Recipient Stipulations

Each NC State Graduate Student:

  • Can only receive each award once per graduate degree
  • Can apply to both awards using one application cycle. Indicating that you are applying to ‘both’ on one application will be sufficient. The type of award received is merit based and is determined by the selection committee.
  • Can receive one award per academic year (Ex. If you receive either award in the Fall 2017, you cannot receive an award in the Spring 2018 OR if you receive either award in the Spring 2017, you cannot receive an award in the Fall 2017)

Application Requirements

All parts of the application must be received. Applications missing any of these will NOT be evaluated:

  • Completed application form
  • 4500 characters Personal statement
  • Copy of an abstract submitted to conference and confirmation of abstract acceptance (if received)
  • Copy of NC State unofficial transcript (accessible via MyPackPortal)
  • Curriculum Vitae (include list of publications, if applicable)
  • Two Letters of recommendation
  • Authorization from applicant’s Director of Graduate Programs (DGP)

Recommendation letters must be submitted here by the deadline.

DGP Authorization must be submitted here by the deadline.

Note: The GSA reserves the right to limit the number of applications to no more than 5% of the total number of graduate students in the same program based on volume of applications received. In this instance, the DGP will assist in narrowing down the pool of applicants from their respective program based on the highest quality of research. This restriction would be implemented after all applications have been submitted and evaluated.

Application Timeline

Spring Travel Awards:
Deadline: February 15, 2020
Travel Dates: February 15, 2020 – September 14, 2020
Notification Date: April 15, 2020

Fall Travel Awards:
Deadline: September 15, 2019
Travel Dates: September 15, 2019 – February 14, 2020
Notification date: November 15, 2019

Please note that from Spring 2019 award cycle, the travel dates to be eligible for the awards have been changed. The travel should be within a six-month period from the application deadline.

GSA Award Workshop

GSA is pleased to announce a workshop to help applicants submit their applications. This workshop is organized by Research Recognition Committee whose members will be judging the applications. It has two sections: The first half is presentation explaining different aspects of the GSA Travel Award applications followed by open floor panel discussion with the judges. The workshop will be held during the second last week of January. If you believe you need help with your application, consider attending the workshop. If you can’t make it, video will be uploaded on the GSA website for everyone’s reference. This is an annual workshop so if you plan to apply in Fall, please attend this workshop or refer to the video link.

Venue: TBA
Date: TBA
Time: TBA

Survey/Feedback Form

If you would like to fill out a survey/feedback form, please click here. We would like to hear from you in order to improve this process further.

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