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Libraries on campus are eager to announce their resources to support research data management and data sharing including:

  • Data & Code Repository: The Libraries’ institutional membership to the Dryad data repository enables any researcher associated with NC State University to deposit and publicly share datasets at no cost. Dryad integrates with Zenodo to support researchers who need to publicly share software and code to comply with publisher, funder, or other requirements. Learn more about other data repository options that the library recommends.

  • Data Management Plans (DMPs): If you need help creating a data management or data sharing plan, the library offers the DMPTool and our DMP Review service. For research projects that are already underway, their post-award checklist can help you implement DMPs to keep data safe and available for sharing and reuse. 

    • NIH Policy for Data Management and Sharing (DMSP): A new NIH policy for data management and sharing will apply to all NIH proposals submitted on or after January 25, 2023. The Libraries can consult on questions regarding these new requirements and review DMSP drafts through their DMP Review service.

  • Research Data Management advice: The library’s online guide has advice on all phases of the research data lifecycle including: developing data management plans (DMPs) for grant proposals; best practices for storage, organization, and preservation of data; and tips to optimize sharing and discovery of data. Learn more at:

  • ORCID and Biosketch support: SciENcv is the NSF- and NIH-approved system for creating biosketches and will be required in January 2023. Their step-by-step guide covers everything researchers need to know, from creating their ORCID records/ID to using the local system (Citation Index), to managing their ORCID records, to logging into SciENcv. ORCID is the only individual DPI (digital persistent identifier) that meets the recent OSTP guidance

  • Customized Support and Training: If you are interested in a one-on-one consultation or a group workshop, please let the library know. They are happy to customize a presentation or a hands-on workshop to meet your needs.


Learn more about the library’s portfolio of research support at

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