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The PAIR-UP Advanced Imaging Workshop is designed to provide training in the following major areas:

1. Advanced microscopy acquisition considerations for imaging live cells using transmitted light, fluorescent probes, and fluorescent biosensors, using systems designed for automated imaging workflows (Nikon Ti2), fast and gentle imaging (resonance confocal scanning and spinning disk confocal microscopy), spectral imaging (Zeiss spectral detector and Leica FALCON lifetime imaging with a pulsed white-light laser) and high-resolution imaging of live samples (TILT lightsheet and 3X tau-STED).

2. Appropriate sample preparation, including choice of fluorescent probes and fluorescent proteins, and refractive index matching, particularly for live imaging experiments.

3. Ethical, reproducible and rigorous considerations for image analysis and presentation of live imaging experiments, including both proprietary and open-source software options

Featured Microscopes:

Fast and gentle imaging: Olympus FV3000RS confocal microscope OR Andor Dragonfly spinning disk confocal microscope (better for bigger samples, fewer colors)

Spectral imaging: Zeiss 880 confocal with spectral detector OR Leica SP8X with FALCON

Standard development of automated widefield imaging workflows: Nikon Ti2 widefield microscope

High-resolution live imaging: Mizar TILT light-sheet OR Leica 3x tau-STED

If interested, please apply at: