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Protecting the Pack

COVID-19 Guidelines

As student leaders and part of the Wolfpack community, we strive to keep our Pack safe and healthy during the COVID-19 outbreak. With that in mind, we are taking extra measures and steps to ensure the safety of our student leaders, staff, and peers at all events, both virtual and in person. Stay tuned for more information!


Our ResponseĀ 

We mourn the lives of those in our community. Including, but certainly not limited to, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Nina Pop, and Tony McDade. Named and unnamed, the list goes on and on and on. We, the Black Students Board, would first like to pay our respects to those who have died and their families. We stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and the efforts being taken to bring about change.

There are so many words, so many thoughts, and so many emotions that we wish we could convey all at once. But what truly prevails is the ongoing hurt and sadness we feel every time a member of our Black community is beaten, rejected, abused, dismissed, or murdered by this corrupt system centered around white supremacy. A system that consistently tears down the community of people that built the land it sits on. Unfortunately, the Black community is constantly placed in a state of mourning for the many lives that are taken by not only COVID-19, but to police brutality and racial injustice as well.Ā We stand with our brothers and sisters to say enough is enough!

In the midst of this battle, we must not forget that we are in a global pandemic that disproportionately impacts our Black and Brown communities. These recent global protests are a reaction to a white supremacist system that has historically been violent to the Black community. So, while we are protesting, advocating, posting, etc. letā€™s please remember that we must take care of ourselves as well. We encourage our Black students to continue working toward the change we want to see, both on and off-campus. We encourage our non-Black allies to continue educating themselves and actively supporting Black people in this fight for justice and equality. We welcome any ideas or thoughts toward potential programs for the summer and upcoming school year which can be forwarded to our email, uab-blackstudentsboard@ncsu.edu. We are currently working with other Black student organizations, from multiple campuses within North Carolina, to plan initiatives that will support you.

Black studentsā€™ existence is resistance, especially at a predominantly white institution like NC State. We are strong. We are intelligent. We are resilient. But we are also humans who need and deserve support. However you may decide to make it through these trying times, please do not forget your own mental health. The Black Students Board is partnering with Chi Sigma Iota Counseling Honor Society to develop a free ā€œhealing circleā€, where you will have the opportunity to speak with Black counselors and facilitators about what is taking place in our community. While we know it will not actually heal the pain you feel, we hope it will help in the efforts to make sure you are well and healthy.

For more resources to help the Black community and to obtain assistance with your personal care, please refer to the Nubian Messageā€™s website where you will find an ongoing list of information available. The link is located in our bio! Also, there are links to foundations and organizations you can donate to below:

UAB’s Statement UAB’s Black Students Board Statement