Student Fees

Recommendations for changes to student fees are made by the Student Fee Review Committee [Co-Chaired by Vice Chancellor & Dean for Academic and Student Affairs Doneka Scott and Student Senate President Molly Vanhoy].

The Committee asks for feedback from the Student Senate as a part of its deliberation process, and the recommendations the committee makes are presented to the Chancellor for his approval or modification. The Chancellor then sends a proposal to the NC State Board of Trustees and the UNC System Board of Governors for approval.

Proposed Fee Increased FY22-23

The following proposals have been submitted for review:

Total proposed fee increase from the above fees:  $32.65

Additionally, the indebtedness fee for the Student Health Service Expansion will expire FY2022, that fee is currently $35.00.


Proposed fee increase for FY22-23

The UNC System Board of Governors specifies that fees should increase by no more than 3.00% in any given year, with some exceptions.

Student Fee Review Town Hall

Wednesday, September 22nd at 6:30pm via Zoom

Join Student Government and campus departments as we review fee requests for the 2022-2023 academic year. During this meeting, you will hear from campus departments on why they are requesting a change in fees, what services this fee impacts, and how this impacts your experience as a student. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Senate President Vanhoy [] or Student Body President Heavlin [].

Fee Review Process

Fees are vetted in the Student Senate.

Student Fees are vetted in their respective university committees

Recommendations are sent to the Chancellor

  • Recommendations are due to the Chancellor by October 15th, 2021 for review by the Tuition and Fees Conference Committee (5 members: Chancellor, Provost, VCD of DASA, SBP, SSP).

Chancellor’s recommendations are sent to the NC State Board of Trustees (BOT).

  • The BOT must consider these recommendations at their November 11th, 2021 meeting.

The recommendations are sent to the UNC System Board of Governors (BOG) for approval.

  • It is expected that the BOG will review recommendations at their February or March 2022 meeting.

Information on Major Specific Fees

Engineering Enhancement Fee

  • Applies only to engineering students; note that there are some engineering majors not in the College of Engineering, students in those majors will also pay the fee.
  • Applies to all levels of engineering students (undergrad, masters, Ph.D.).
  • This fee is $1,500.00 per year.
  • This is a special fee which did not go through the Student Fee Review Committee.  The justification for this fee is to expand educational opportunities for the university’s engineering programs.

Professional Golf Management Fee

  • Applies only to students in the professional golf management major.
  • This fee is $700.00 per year.

Student Fee Review Committee Membership

  • Doneka R. Scott, Vice Chancellor & Dean, DASA, (co-chair)
  • Molly Vanhoy, Student Senate President, (co-chair)
  • McKenzy Heavlin, Student Body President
  • Harrison Andrews, Student Body Treasurer, Undergraduate Student Representative
  • Deveshwar Hariharan, Graduate Student Representative
  • Barbara Moses, Associate Vice Chancellor, Budget and Resource Management
  • Krista Ringler, Director, Scholarships & Financial Aid
  • Paul Williams, Professor, Poole College of Management
  • Jerome Lavelle, Associate Dean, Engineering
  • Kuncheng Song, Student Senate Tuition and Fees Committee Chair, (ex-officio)

Student Fee Resources