Board of Elections

Read the Elections Handbook

The Elections Handbook contains the official election rules and regulations. All candidates running for a position should read and understand this information.

The Board of Elections aims to maintain an effective structure of voting procedures, provide informative resources with a non-biased approach, and give willing candidates the opportunity to serve their student body in a consistent, respectful, and transparent manner.



Board Membership

  • Current members:
    • Maria Echeverry Montano (Board of Elections Chair, serving through Spring 2022)
    • Matthew Denoncourt (serving through Spring 2022)
    • Morgan Dee (serving through Spring 2022)
    • Zane Reep (serving through Spring 2022)
    • Madeline McLoughlin (serving through Spring 2022)
    • Olivia Hille (serving through Fall 2022)
    • Bradley Quinn (serving through Fall 2022)
    • Lindy Gupton (serving through Fall 2022)
    • Natalie Yeung (serving through Fall 2022)