Director of Athletics Sara Simpson | she/her

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The Student Government Athletics Department is committed to enhancing the student experience with NC State athletics. We oversee student ticketing policy, host events like watch parties, and provide in-game experiences for the Wolfpack. Additionally, we address concerns of students participating in Intramural and Club Sports.

Sara Simpson is a senior majoring in Nutrition Science and double minoring in Sports Science and Coaching Education. She was a member of the Student Government Athletics Department in the 100th and 101st sessions. Sara loves sports and wants to encourage more students to interact and get excited for all sporting events. As Director, her goal is to get the maximum number of students at all sporting events. Sara plans to achieve this by making sure all current and future plans run smoothly. These events include loyalty point events, mens basketball games, and potential football season events. She is excited to work alongside her department members and to find creative ways to get more student involvement. Sara is proud to be a member of the Wolfpack and to serve as your Director of Athletics for the 2022-2023 academic year! Go Pack!

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