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Student Government provides the Funding Portal for student organizations as a one-stop-shop for finding funding resources, grant applications, and fundraising opportunities at NC State and the local Raleigh area. Student organizations primarily receive funding from SG Appropriations, Student Senate Finance Committee Allocations, and the College Councils.

Student Government provides over $250,000 every year to student organizations through the SG Appropriations and Student Senate Finance Committee Allocations processes. These two funding resources are completely funded by student fees. Student organizations additionally apply for funding from the UNC Association of Student Governments and Graduate Student Association and fundraise with non-campus-affiliated businesses and organizations.

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Campus-Affiliated Funding Resources

Student Government Appropriations

The Student Government Appropriations process is the main venue for Student Government to provide financial support for events and enrichment opportunities for students through Student Organizations on campus. Student Organizations have two opportunities every academic year to apply for funding, during the beginning of the fall semester and beginning of the spring semester.

Student Senate Finance Committee Allocations

Student organizations can apply for Student Senate Finance Committee Allocations to receive extra funding for special projects and events that provide unique experiences and opportunities for students at NC State University. Finance Committee Allocations are a rolling process and requests are reviewed every two weeks at committee meetings.

College Councils

Fundraising Opportunities

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