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The SG Sustainability Department, is dedicated to enhance sustainability and work towards the development of a more sustainable culture on NC State’s campus through communication, as well as the creation and maintenance of sustainability initiatives. Specifically, we work with student groups and the Sustainability Office to help them achieve their goals as well as work to improve the sustainability of SG and SG events and initiatives.

Bob is a Graduate Student majoring in Nuclear Engineering, focusing on Free Electricity. Nuclear power is the most abundant form of energy in the Universe. It is vast and unsalable, something that is found in the drive and motivation of students at NC State! Bob’s goal is to identify and acquaint individuals with like minded mentalities, helping them with each nook and crook of life to build the future we believe in, a future we envision and a future that encompasses the strive and courage of our students. Sustainability in itself means to think and act differently, to look at a problem from various perspectives and to implement solutions in an adaptive approach. With focus on Green campus initiatives, waste management, fluid conversation about ideas, innovations and change, he plans to bring together every individual, because you Matter!

Past Session Projects

The Sustainability Department Committee worked with the Office of Waste Reduction and Recycling to garner Student Senate Support for the Composting Site going in at Lake Wheeler.

The Sustainability Department worked to ensure student drivers were aware of how to share the road with bikers.

Put on an student organization fair to connect students to student organizations.

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Sustainability Suggestion Form

The SG Sustainability Department wants to connect students, student groups, and administrators to accomplish projects. The Sustainability Suggestion form gives students and the NC State community an opportunity to describe an idea that the department or the entire campus could explore.    

Ask Sustainability a Question

In our effort to improve the sustainability culture across campus, we want to give a platform for students and the NC State community to ask questions about sustainability on campus. If we cannot answer your question, we will connect you with someone that can! This gives us the opportunity to understand what students want to learn more about or what initiatives we should be improving on.