Government Affairs

Director of Government Affairs Kayla Bertling | she/her

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The Student Government Government Affairs Department acts as a liaison between students and local, state, and federal elected bodies.  We seek to protect student interests by establishing relationships with all levels of government.  United, the NC State student body is a strong voice in the state of North Carolina.

Kayla Bertling is a graduate student serving her second session as Director of the Government Affairs Department. She served as the Assistant Director in the 100th session and Director for the 101st. Kayla completed her undergraduate degree at NC State studying political science with a concentration in law and justice and with minors in leadership: cross-disciplinary perspectives, international studies, and French. She is dedicated to voter engagement and is thrilled to begin and continue initiatives on our campus in that field.

As Director of Government Affairs, Kayla will be the primary liaison between the NC State student body and their government officials. Her department will advocate on behalf of our entire community and will inform students about legislation that will impact them. Additionally, Kayla is looking at long-term election plans, so our students’ voices are not only heard but represented.

Whether you are interested in learning more, looking to get involved or have any feedback, please feel free to email me.  Interested in learning more about the Government Affairs Department?  Contact Director of Government Affairs Kayla Bertling: