Advocacy + Representation

University Standing Committees

NC State has 17 university standing committees that evaluate various aspects of the institution. Students are vital members of these committees; there are seats for students-at-large, student senators, and graduate students. More information can be found here.  Students serving on the standing committees and their emails can be found here.

The list of representatives for each standing committee will be populated here shortly.  Wish to serve on a standing committee, email the Executive Assistant at

Presidents’ Roundtable

The Presidents’ Roundtable of Student Organizations is a collective organization of student-leaders from across NC State’s campus that meet monthly to discuss pertinent issues that affect the students they represent. From these meetings, an agenda is developed for the Chancellor’s Liaison meeting which follows, where students have uninhibited access to university administration, faculty, and staff, the Chancellor’s Cabinet and the Chancellor of NC State University.

Presidents’ Roundtable is organized and run by the Executive Chief of Staff of Student Government, Colin Beamer, with participants from over forty student organizations across campus. The Chief of Staff also creates the agenda for Chancellor’s Liaison meetings, which are led by the Student Body President and Chancellor.

The Presidents’ Roundtable is logistically coordinated by the Student Government Chief of Staff. Contact the Chief of Staff at if you wish to attend the Roundtable.

Chancellor’s Liaison

Student Government meets with the Chancellor and university leadership at set times throughout the year to discuss the most pressing issues facing the students at NC State. These issues are brought up through President’s Roundtable where an adequate solution could not be identified. The Chancellor’s Liaison meeting is run by the Student Body President.

Hillsborough Street

Student Government partners with “Live it Up! Hillsborough Street” to serve on the Hillsborough Street Community Services Corporation’s Board (HSCSC Board). We hear updates from local businesses and serve as a champion for the revitalization project of the street. If you have advice for improving your experience on Hillsborough Street, contact the Student Government Chief of Staff at