Final Funding Amounts

Spring Break 2022 – Fall Break 2022 Appropriations Cycle

The final funding amounts can be found here. Please note that some requests were not able to be supported by Student Fee money and/or Student Government policies. If you need any clarification of your organization’s allocation and/or description, please contact the Chair of the Appropriations Council, Harrison Andrews at Please also note that we have updated some organization names to match what is in the University’s Supplier Database.

Request NumberStudent Organization NameFunding AmountLine Item Description
10 Degrees of Separation$700.00Start-up funding, Promotional, and Events
2180 Degrees Consulting at NC State$300.00Start-up funding
3Acappology$597.00Events and Materials
4Aces and Aros$300.00Start-up funding
5Acts 2 Fellowship$518.00Start-up funding and Travel
6Aerial Robotics Club at NC State$1,138.00Materials
7African Student Union$688.00Events and Materials (no movie nights)
8All-Girl Cheerleading Club$1,120.00Travel
9Alpha Epsilon Delta at NCSU$772.00Events and Materials
10Alpha Gamma Rho$1,012.00Events
11Alpha Kappa Psi$818.00Events and Materials
12Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc$970.00Events, Materials, and Travel
13Alpha Phi Gamma Sorority Inc$828.00Events and Materials
14American Institute of Aeronautics and$462.00Events, Materials, and Travel
15American Institute of Architecture$1,422.00Events and Materials
16American Institute of Chemical Engineers$1,249.00Events
17American Marketing Assoc at NC State$513.00Events
18American Mathematical Society at NC State$300.00Start-up funding
19American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers$1,311.00Travel
20American Society of Mechanical Engineers Student Section at NC State$620.00Materials
21Animal Science Club at NC State$1,098.00Materials and Travel
22Antioch College Ministry at North Carolina State University$990.00Events and Travel
23Arab Student Organization$1,271.00Events and Materials
24Asian Students Association$200.00Event and Travel (no prizes)
25Association for Women in Mathematics$682.00Events and Materials
26Association of Latino Professionals for America NCSU$250.00Events and Materials
27Astronomy Club$300.00Start-up funding
28Badminton Club at NC State$574.00Start-up funding, Event and Materials
29Bangladesh Student Association$1,185.00Events and Materials
30Battlebots at NC State$1,051.00Materials and Event
31Beekeepers Club$511.00Events and materials
32Best Buddies at NC State University$300.00Supplies
33Biomathematics Graduate Student Association$336.00Events
34Black Business Students Association$407.00Events and Materials
35Camp Kesem at NC State University$0.00Missed Interview, Organization is on the Ineligibility List
36Caribbean Student Association$620.00Events
37Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship$1,185.00Speaker, Event, and Promotional (no prizes)
38Chinese Undergraduate Student Association$960.00Events
39Chordination A Cappella$939.00Travel and Event
40Citizen Science Club at NC State$300.00Start-up funding
41Civil Engineering Graduate Student Association$0.00Missed Interview
42Club Baseball at NC State$1,443.00Travel and Materials
43Club Flag Football at NC State$734.00Travel and Event
44Club Swim Team at North Carolina State University$0.00Missed Interview
45Club Water Polo$1,206.00Travel
46College Mentors for Kids at NC State$1,487.00Events and Materials
47College of Education Graduate Student Advisory Board$220.00Events and Materials
48Consult Your Community at NC State$0.00Missed Interview, Organization is on the Ineligibility List
49CRANE Collective at NC State$399.00Start-up funding, Event, and Materials
50Cross Country/Track Club at NC State$1,098.00Travel and Events
51Cycling Club at NC State$1,185.00Events, Travel, and Materials
52Dance Marathon at NCSU$521.00Events
53DanceVisions Dance Company$0.00Missed Interview, Did not attend a Required Appropriations Information Session, Organization is on the Ineligibility List
54Dancing With Wolves Ballroom Dance Club$667.00Events and Lessons
55Delta Sigma Iota Fraternity, Inc.$655.00Events and Materials
56Disc Golf Club$1,228.00Events, Travel, and Materials
57EKTAA$1,400.00Events and Travel
58Electrical and Computer Engineering Ambassadors$691.00Events, Materials, and Promotion (no movie nights)
59Embedded Machine Learning Club$662.00Events and Materials
60Engineers Without Borders$1,228.00Events, Travel, and Materials
61Epsilon Eta Environmental Fraternity$360.00Materials
62Equestrian Dressage Club at NC State$459.00Events, Travel, and Materials
63Equestrian Western Club at NC State$848.00Events, Travel, and Materials
64Esports Club at NC State$300.00Start-up funding
65Fencing Club At NC State$419.00Events and Materials
66Figure Skating Club$1,271.00Events and Travel
67Filipino American Student Association$754.00Events and Materials
68Finance Club$848.00Travel, shirts, food
69Financial Literacy Club$250.00Events and Materials
70FIRST Alumni Association at NC State$1,091.00Events and Travel
71Forestry and Environmental Resources Graduate Student Association$351.00Supplies and Event
72Fusion Dance Crew$1,112.00Travel and Uniforms
73Genomic Sciences Graduate Student Association$1,357.00Event and Materials
74Geo-Institute of Graduate Student Organization at NCSU$648.00Materials, Promotional, and Travel
75Geology Club SME$300.00Start-up funding
76Geospatial Graduate Student Organization$817.00Fundraising and Promotional
77Girls Engineering Change$1,314.00Events and Materials
78Grace Christian Life$629.00Events
79Grappling Club at NC State University$497.00Start-up funding, Event, and Materials
80Her Campus NC State$433.00Event and Materials
81Herpetology Club$275.00Promotional
82High Powered Rocketry Club$1,315.00Materials
83Hillel at NCSU$818.00Events and Materials
84Institute of Transportation Engineers, American Society of Highway Engineers, and American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association at NC State$1,336.00Travel
85International Veterinary Students Assoc$270.00Events and Materials
86Investment Banking Club$467.00Start-up funding, Event, and Materials
87Investors Association$250.00Supplies
88Iranian Student Association$1,228.00Events
89Junoon$871.00Travel and Events
90Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc$482.00Event and Materials
91Kappa Student Chapter of the North Carolina Council for Teachers of Mathematics at North Carolina State University$268.00Materials and Promotional
92Kappa Xi Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc.$0.00Missed Interview
93Korean American Student Association$300.00Start-up funding
95Lacrosse Club at North Carolina State$1,055.00Travel
96Ladies in Red$1,001.00Production expenses
97Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity Inc$498.00Events, Travel, and Materials
98Latinas Promoviendo Comunidad/Lambda Pi Chi Sorority, Inc.$1,400.00Events, Travel, and Materials
99Leopold Wildlife Club$1,193.00Travel, event, Food
100Liquid Rocketry Lab$1,271.00Materials
101Marine Earth & Atmospheric Sciences GSA$355.00Event and Materials (no prizes)
102Marine Science Club$430.00Start-up funding, Events and Materials
103Master of Business Administration Student Association$1,163.00Events
104Mens Rugby Club$1,379.00Travel
105Mens Volleyball Club at NC State$1,314.00Travel
106Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Sciences$667.00Start-up funding, Events and Materials
107MIx Motivation and Inspiration$1,228.00Events, Travel, and Materials
108Model United Nations$593.00Start-up funding, Event, and Travel
109Multicultural Greek Council$0.00Organization is not a Registered Student Organization (RSO)
110Muslim Student Assocation$1,163.00Events
111National Association for the Advancement$860.00Events and Materials
112National Society of Black Engineers$1,314.00Travel
113Nazaare at NCSU$1,228.00Events, Travel, and Materials
114NC State Strength Club$300.00Start-up funding
115NC State Table Tennis Club$348.00Events and Materials
116NCSU Men's Ultimate Club$1,379.00Travel
117NCSU Womens Club Volleyball$1,422.00Travel
118Nepali Students' Association$665.00Events and Materials
119Nirvair$300.00Start-up funding
120Oak City Revolution$1,487.00Travel
121Omega Phi Alpha$726.00Events and Materials
122Operations Research GSA at NC State$303.00Event and Materials
123Pack Bionics$1,163.00Events and Materials
124Pack Motorsports Club$1,487.00Materials
125Pack Pullers$1,228.00Travel
126Pack to Grad School$300.00Supplies
127Pakistani Student Association$1,249.00Events and Travel
128Parkour Freerunning and Tricking at NC State$386.00Event and Materials
129Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management Graduate Student Association$404.00Events and Travel
130Phi Beta Sigma$535.00Events
131Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity$488.00Materials and Event
132Pickleball Club at NC State University$1,249.00Event and Materials
133Plant Pathology Graduate Student Association$445.00Promotional and Event
134Political Science Club at North Carolina State University$300.00Start-up funding
135Poole College of Management Peer Career Coaches$100.00Events and Materials
136Pre-Law Students' Association$528.00Events and Materials
137Pre-Veterinary Medical Association at No$820.00Supplies (including food) and Event
138Pushing Excellence Student Association$605.00Start-up funding, Event, and Materials
139Radiology Club at NC State CVM$655.00Fundraising, Materials, and Promotional
140Rafting Club at NC State$1,099.00Start-up funding and Travel
141Rowing Club$1,357.00Boat and Repairs
142Sailing Club$947.00Travel
143Science And Technology Enriching Lifelong Leadership In Tomorrow’s Endeavors$1,163.00Travel and Event
144Science Policy Pack at NC State$523.00Event and Speaker
145Service Raleigh$1,001.00Materials
146Sigma Alpha Professional Agricultural Sorority$1,400.00Events and Materials
147Silver Wings: Martha E Metz Chapter$300.00Start-up funding
148SKY at NC State$300.00Events and Materials
149Society of American Foresters$1,185.00Events, Travel, and Materials
150Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers at NC State$483.00Travel
151Society of Future Cosmetic Industry Professionals$250.00Materials
152Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers$688.00Events and Materials
153Society of HR Management$200.00Supplies and Event
154Society of Women Engineers$1,292.00Event
155SOL Garden$1,208.00Pathway and Projects
157Statistics Graduate Student Organization$200.00Events
158Student Association for Fire Ecology$404.00Events and Materials
159Student Chapter of the American Association of Equine Practitioners$1,206.00Events, Travel, and Materials
160Student Fisheries Society$745.00Travel and Event
161Students for Exploration & Development$362.00Events and Materials
162Students for Immigrants Rights$605.00Promotional and Event
163Studio 804 Ballet Company$635.00Events
164Surgery Club at NC State CVM$726.00Materials and Speaker
165Technical Communication Association$338.00Events and Materials
166Textile Engineering Society$360.00Travel and Event
167Thandav at NC State$1,249.00Event and Materials
168The Black Artist Coalition$0.00Organization is on the Ineligibility List
169The National Parks Club at NCSU$1,206.00Events and Travel
170Triangle Area American Society of Biomechanics Student Chapter$517.00Materials
171Triathlon Club at NC State$682.00Events and Travel
172Turkish Student Association$1,465.00Event and Materials
173Underwater Robotics$1,271.00Materials
174Unicycle Club$300.00Start-up funding
175Vietnamese Student Association$554.00Equipment, Supplies, and Promotional
176Wolf de Nakhre at NCSU$1,081.00Events, Travel, and Materials
177Wolfpack Robotics at NC State$733.00Events and Materials
178Wolfpack Twirlers$562.00Events and Travel
179Women in Business at NC State$371.00Event and Materials
180Women's Ultimate Club$858.00Events, Travel, and Materials
181Womens Club Basketball$1,249.00Events, Travel, and Materials
182Womens Lacrosse Club$955.00Travel
183Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc$843.00Events and Materials

Last updated: February 22, 2022

Check Distribution

Be on the lookout for an email detailing the Check Distribution/Pick-Up process in the coming weeks.  We will not be doing appointment time slots for check distribution, but we will have more limited times for check distribution.  Check distribution will happen from the Student Government Suite (Suite 4251) in Talley Student Union.  We will send more information regarding the pick-up process later.  Check Pick-Up is scheduled to begin on March 21st.

Check Distribution Begins March 21, 2022

Other Funding Opportunities

If your student organization requires further funding than the current amounts, you may apply for Student Senate Finance Committee Allocations or UNC Association of Student Governments Grants.  You can find that information at

Additionally, Student Government has a website with additional NC State University-affiliated and outside third-party funding sources at