Student Body Vice President

Student Body Vice President Nicole Teague

Student Body Vice Nicole Teague (she/her/hers) is a fourth year studying Business Administration-Finance concentration. As Student Body Vice President, she serves as internal coordinator of the Executive Cabinet. She directly oversees Athletics, Diversity Outreach, Graduate Student Relations, Government Affairs and Wellness departments as well as Association of Student Government Delegate and At-Large representatives. In addition to advising, as Student Body Vice President, she plans the fall and spring orientations for all of Student Government. Nicole also serves on the Wellness Advisory Committee. Alongside with Student Body President Carter, Nicole will work diligently towards the platform points we were elected on. Outside of Student Government, Nicole is one of two students serving NC State’s Council on Athletics, a council to advise the Chancellor on intercollegiate athletic matters whilst being a scholar athletes as a member of NC State’s Varsity track and field team. Nicole is passionate about inclusion, mentorship, service, education, and professional development. 


Please see SBVP Teague’s remarks from Respect the Pack 2019.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or ideas at the e-mail below! Nicole can be reached at