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Student Body Vice President

Student Body Vice President Isaac Carreno (he/him) is a third-year undergraduate student studying Social Work and Political Science with a concentration in Law and Justice. A Goldsboro native, Isaac was attracted to NC State for its incredible opportunities to get involved with governmental institutions in the heart of North Carolina’s capital city. As Vice President, Isaac serves as the internal coordinator of the Executive Cabinet, directly oversees the executive department directors, and coordinates retreat and leadership development opportunities for the organization.

Isaac, a Park Scholar, has been active in Student Government since his first year at NC State. Prior to being elected Student Body Vice President, Isaac served as a First-Year Student Senator and was later elected as a College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHASS) Senator. Isaac transitioned from his role as a CHASS Senator to serve as Deputy Chief of Staff to the Reid-Markert Administration in the 103rd Session.

Outside of Student Government, Isaac has been involved in several other student organizations. Since his freshman year, Isaac has served the local community through Voluntarios Ahora en Raleigh (VOLAR). He also engages with governmental institutions, with his most recent involvement being at the US House of Representatives. Additionally, Isaac serves as a Park Scholarships Ambassador and helps attract talented students to NC State.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or ideas! Isaac can be reached at

Reports to the Student Senate from SBVP Carreno

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