Financial Disclosures and Violations

When running for office it is important to follow the rules established in NC State University statutes and set forth by the Board of Elections. Before beginning your campaign, the Board highly suggests reading the Elections Handbook.

Violation Submission

Please be mindful of Violation Hearing decorum.

In the event you have witnessed a candidate breaking a rule in the Handbook or in University Policies, please submit the information to in the following format:

Subject Line: VIOLATION-Date

Your Student Name

Your Student ID Number

To the Board of Elections, I would like to report the following violation(s) against John Doe (name). On THURSDAY, September 3rd, 2015 (date) there was chalk on a vertical surface of a wall with the candidate’s name (violation).

Here is a picture of the chalking (evidence of violation).***

The rule it violates is: (Section Number), which says the following:


Your Name
Your Email

Your Telephone Number

***Photo evidence is not required to submit a violation but is encouraged when possible.

Financial Disclosures

As candidates complete expense reports, all financial disclosures will be posted here.

Campaign Violations

Wonder why the Board of Elections came to a certain decision? Check out how close votes were and majority and dissenting (when possible) opinions here!

Please note that rules referenced in previous semesters may have been renumbered, so be sure to reference the archived Handbook version for that semester. Some notes on hearings before Spring 2017 are sparse. It’s a new initiative. We’re trying.

Fall 2017 Violations