Financial Disclosures and Violations

Violation Submissions

Please be mindful of Violation Hearing decorum.

In the event you witnessed a candidate breaking a rule stated in the Handbook or one a part of University policy, please submit the information to in the following format:

Subject Line: VIOLATION-Date

Your Student Name

Your Student ID Number

To the Board of Elections:
I would like to report the following violation against (candidate name). On (date_MM/DD/YY) there was chalk on a vertical surface of a wall with the candidate’s name (violation). Here is a picture of the chalking (evidence of violation).**
The rule it violates is (section number), which states the following: (violation pasted here).
Your Name
Your NCSU Email

Your Telephone Number


**Photo evidence is not required to submit a violation, but it is encouraged whenever possible.

Violation Results

As decisions are made during an election cycle, the results will be posted here.

Special Review Committee Hearing No. 1

Special Review Committee Hearing No. 2

Financial Disclosures

As reports are received during an election cycle, the financial disclosures will be posted here.