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Getting Started with Appropriations

Follow the steps your student organization should take to successfully submit an Appropriations Application and receive Appropriations funding from Student Government.

What if I have questions or need help?

We understand that the Appropriations process can be complicated and confusing, so we try our best to make the process as easy as possible and we provide many opportunities to get help. First, we recommend that you attend an Appropriations Information Session, but if you still have questions or need help, visit the Appropriations Help Portal at The Appropriations Help Portal features a collection of resources that will help your organization through the Appropriations process.

We encourage student organizations to take advantage of the Appropriations Group Help Sessions and Individual Help Sessions to ask questions, get help with your application or budget, or sit down with an Appropriations Council member to review your application to see if everything looks good.

We also provide Appropriations Guides on our website to help student organizations complete essential tasks for your Appropriations Application. These online guides cover a range of topics like opening a bank accountcompleting the supplier registration process, and using the Appropriations Budget Toolamong others.

Student Government Appropriations funding has provided over $2 million to over 800 student organizations at NC State since 1998 supporting student organizations’ events, activities, and initiatives.

Student organizations are integral to the campus community and Student Government is excited to foster the success of student organizations through Appropriations funding.