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Spring Election

  • Each Spring, students have the opportunity to run for the positions listed below. There are a total of sixty-two (62) Senate seats up for election, as well as three (3) Student Body Officer positions (Student Body President/Vice President is a joint ticket and considered a single office).
  • Tickets for the four Student Body Officers (Student Body President and Vice President (joint ticket), Student Senate President, and Student Body Treasurer) will all receive financial campaign assistance to offset out-of-pocket expenses associated with campaigning. Exact allocations to each ticket will be determined at close of books and is anticipated to cover at least 50% of the allowed spending amounts. All candidates on tickets for Student Body Officer positions will receive campaign assistance and no additional applications are needed.

Interest Meeting Slide Show

Available Seats

PositionSeat(s) Available
Student Body President and Vice PresidentOne (1) (Joint Ticket)
Student Senate PresidentOne (1)
Student Body TreasurerOne (1)
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences – SenatorSix (6)
College of Sciences – SenatorSix (6)
College of Design – SenatorThree (3)
College of Education – SenatorThree (3)
College of Engineering – SenatorTen (10)
College of Natural Resources – SenatorFour (4)
College of Humanities and Social Sciences – SenatorSeven (7)
Poole College of Management – SenatorSix (6)
Wilson College of Textiles – SenatorThree (3)
Division of Academic and Student Affairs (University College) – SenatorTwo (2)
Graduate and Lifelong Education – SenatorTwelve (12)
At-Large Member of the Student Media Board of DirectorsThree (3)

A description of each position will be available prior to books closing.

Spring 2023 Election Checklist and Timeline

  • Wednesday, 1/11: Spring Interest Meeting 1 at 2:00pm in Talley 4251
  • Friday, 1/20: Spring Interest Meeting 2 at 4:00pm in Talley 4251
  • Friday, 1/27 Spring Interest Meeting 3 at 3:00pm in Talley 4251
  • Wednesday, 2/8: Spring Interest Meeting 4 at 1:00pm in Talley 4251
  • Friday, 2/10: Books open at 12:01am
    • Candidates can begin to submit the Intent to Run form. Form must be submitted prior to books closing.
  • Sunday, 2/19: Books close at 11:59pm
  • Tuesday, 2/21: All Candidates Meeting at 7:30pm in Talley 4210
  • Wednesday, 2/22: All Candidates Meeting at 8pm in Talley 4210
  • Friday, 2/24: Campaigning begins at 12:01am
  • Monday, 3/6: General Election begins at 12:01am
  • Tuesday, 3/7: General Election ends at 11:59pm
  • Wednesday, 3/8: Spring 2023 Election Reveal Party at 7:30pm
  • Thursday, 3/9: Runoff Election* from 8am to 8pm

*As necessary

Spring 2023 Candidates

If a candidate has received any Violations, they are listed beside their name. A Notification is a violation for a minor offense and a candidate can receive an unlimited number of these. A Warning is issued for a more severe violation of the rules in the Elections Handbook.

Candidate names will be added once books close. Candidate Bio Packet will be available here.

A crossed out name indicates that the candidate has either been disqualified or has removed themselves from the race. An asterisk (*) indicates that the candidate has received a warning. Multiple asterisks indicate that multiple warnings have been received.

PositionSeat(s) AvailableCandidate(s)
Student Body President & Vice PresidentOne (1)Kayla Grogan & Katie Phillips*

Nina Kudlak & Will Vuncannon

Timothy Reid & Allison Markert

Hilton Stallworth & Chima Nwosu
Student Senate PresidentOne (1)Stephen McGuinness
Student Body TreasurerOne (1)Evan Martino
Senator – CALSSix (6)Katelyn Coleman

Max Nicely

Bliss Pointer
Senator – College of SciencesSix (6)Zainab Abdul Aleem

Austin Cave

Caroline Miranda

Nathan Passey

Nathaniel Somma

Lenny Thai

Ananya Venkatachalam

Madelyn Young
Senator – College of DesignThree (3)
Senator – College of EducationThree (3)Jahzar Fields

Charles Kellon

Jenna Lenweaver

Bradley Quinn

Lewis Stepp
Senator – College of EngineeringTen (10)Amina Abdulsalam

Naila Din

Andy Fetch*

Shiva Gadireddy

Amory Gaylord

Maddi Hardwick

Connor Hekking

Madeleine Hetzel

Makayla Hines

Samuel J. Klein*

Will Lowder*

Matthew McIlhinney

Ryan Polk

Alyssa Price

Ben Teffeteller*

Aaina Vannan*
Senator – CNRFour (4)
Senator – CHASSSeven (7)Aisha Abdul Aleem

Isaac Carreno

Vanessa Dixon

Anil Gordon

Alsey Hopkins*

Alianna Kendall-Brooks

Chalina Lauraine*

Pallavi Patil

Summer Vayel Wheeler

Maddie Watts*
Senator – PCOMSix (6)Reed Ballus*

Rucheer Dave

Parker Dunn

Saif Elsisy

Joseph Wittmer*
Senator – WCOTThree (3)Kayla Bigley*
Senator – DASATwo (2)Camryn Kline
Senator – GraduateTwelve (12)Meshary Alghamdi

Ray Baek

Satyaki Banik*

Amiya Haque*

Kelsey Jenkins

Surendhar Kaliannan

Rachel Lynn Smith***

Harshal Jesing Vala***

Sydney Welch
At-Large Member of the Student Media Board of DirectorThree (3)