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Open Treasury

Learn more about how Student Government spends student fee funds to improve the student experience at NC State University.

Follow the links below to explore Student Government budget and spending information for the most recent fiscal years.

Financial Transparency

Financial transparency is at the heart of Student Government. To the extent allowed by State and Federal law, all of our financial records are publicly accessible online. Accessibility of our financial records is important to us and that is why every available receipt for every transaction made with Student Government Funds is kept in an online public database.

All of our transactions for each fiscal year is tracked via the Student Government Balance Sheet. This spreadsheet shows the expenses and revenues for each Line Item and links to receipts for each transaction. The Division of Fiscal Services ensures the proper documentation and recording of expenditures from the Student Government Budget.

Student Organization Funding

Student Government provides over $250,000 every year to student organizations through the Student Government Appropriations and Student Senate Finance Committee Allocations processes. These two funding processes are completely funded by student fees. Providing financial support to student organizations at NC State is integral to our mission.

Student Government Appropriations

The Appropriations process is the main venue for Student Government to provide financial support for events, activities, and enrichment opportunities for students through student organizations at NC State. Chaired by Student Body Treasurer Evan Martino, the Appropriations Council is the body within Student Government tasked to ensure the fair distribution of Appropriations funding and has provided, to date, almost two million dollars in funding to student organizations at NC State University. The Council optimally distributes funding to student organizations for what they need most through the Student Government Appropriations process.

Student Government is committed to a fair and accessible Appropriations process

Student Body Treasurer Evan Martino, the Appropriations Council, and Student Government are committed to a fair distribution of Student Government Funds to student organizations. We commit to ensuring that all student organizations are treated fairly in the deliberations of their Appropriations request. As part of this commitment, all Appropriations Council members are required to complete an unconscious bias training prior to their involvement on the Appropriations Council.

Your student fee and how it is spent

Every full-time student at NC State University pays a fee of $14.20 to Student Government every academic year. This fee is prorated for half-time or part-time students. This fee enables Student Government to advocate for students to University leaders and administrators and provide funding for student initiatives, projects, and organizations to enhance the student experience at NC State. For the Fiscal Year 2023, Student Government has a starting budget of $424,000.00, which entirely comes from student fees. The Student Government Budget is split into five main spending areas: Appropriations & Finance Disbursements, Initiatives & Campus Support, Internal Operations & Administration, Leadership & Transitional Operations, On-Staff Personnel & Stipended Officials. Appropriations & Finance Disbursements is the largest spending area, as our governing documents require at least 40% of a fiscal year budget to be budgeted towards Appropriations.

Ensuring ethical spending

As required by Treasury Policies, Student Government Officials who work with our financials or have the ability to approve expenditures are required to complete and pass with a perfect score a financial training set by the Student Body Treasurer. Those who do not complete the training cannot expend or approve the expenditure of any funds until they complete and pass the training. This financial training helps us ensure that funds are being spent in an ethical manner while following all State laws, NC State University spending guidelines, and Student Government policies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SG Open Treasury?

As part of Student Government’s commitment to financial transparency, the Treasury Branch, under the direction of Student Body Treasurer Evan Martino, has developed SG Open Treasury, our financial and budgetary transparency website that provides information about Student Government budgeting and spending.

How can I seek records from Student Government?

Individuals who seek records from Student Government beyond what is already available online must submit a written request to the Student Body Treasurer at

Is personal information protected?

Some expenditure data may be considered private, confidential, or protected under North Carolina or federal law. Examples of data that is protected include personnel expenses. This information will not be publicly available beyond an individual’s name and payments. While additional information or data can be requested, Student Government may be prohibited from releasing any additional information.

Where can I find an overview of the budget process?

The budget process for Student Government can be found here. We encourage students, even if they are not a member of Student Government, to be involved in the budget process by attending the public Budget Town Halls to learn more about the proposed budget, ask questions, and share concerns.

What is the timeframe a budget is effective?

Student Government follows the State Fiscal Year which begins on July 1st and runs through June 30th. We are currently in Fiscal Year 2024 which runs from July 1, 2023 through June 30, 2024.

Where can I find data for past fiscal years?

We currently provide digitized data for the current and past two fiscal years. See the links below for the balance sheets.

Common Terms & Definitions

  • State Fiscal Year: The State of North Carolina fiscal year runs from July 1st of one calendar year through June 30th of the next calendar year.
    • Fiscal Year 2023: FY23 runs from July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023.
    • Fiscal Year 2022: FY22 runs from July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022.
    • Fiscal Year 2021: FY21 runs from July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021.
  • Balance Sheet: The SG Balance Sheet shows all of the expenses and revenues sorted by line item for a given fiscal year. There are digitized balance sheets available for the past three years.
  • Appropriations: Student Government Appropriations is the process of allocating SG funds to student organizations via the Appropriations Council. This is the largest allocation program in Student Government.
  • Student Government Funds (SG Funds): SG Funds is the student fee revenue that Student Government receives from the students of NC State University. More information about student fees can be found here. Full-time students currently pay an annual fee of $14.20 to Student Government.