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Student Organization Funding

The Funding Portal is offered by Student Government for student organizations as a one-stop-shop for finding funding resources, grant applications, and fundraising opportunities at NC State and the local Raleigh area. Student organizations primarily receive funding from SG Appropriations, Student Senate Finance Committee Grants, and the College Councils.

Student Government Funding

Student Government provides over $250,000 every year to student organizations through the SG Appropriations and Student Senate Finance Committee Grants processes. These two funding resources are completely funded by student fees. Student organizations additionally apply for funding from the UNC Association of Student Governments and Graduate Student Association and fundraise with non-campus-affiliated businesses and organizations.

University-Affiliated Funding

These funding opportunities and resources are affiliated or connected with NC State University or the University of North Carolina System.

Sustainability Fund

The Sustainability Fund offers Project Grants to NC State students, faculty, and staff with a specific project idea to improve the sustainability of NC State’s campus and community in a visible and engaging way. There is no set award amount for Project Grants as we award funds to projects of all sizes. Historically, awards have ranged from $1,000 to $50,000. Around $150,000 will be available each year for the Project Grants program.

Graduate Student Association

Chapters can receive grants of up to $500 per academic year to support events across academic departments at NC State. Block grants are evaluated and voted on by the executive board. The full amount of funding will be awarded to organizations that demonstrate inter-departmental cooperation and possess great academic value.

Club Sports

Club Sports can receive money allocations from Wellness and Recreation. The allocation year runs from RecFest to the end of the Spring Semester. Any use of allocated funds during the summer must be pre-approved by the Assistant Director/Coordinators. Each club will submit a budget proposal and deliver a budget presentation during the Spring semester for the following year’s allocation decision.

The Club Sports Council, Sports Programs Program Assistants, and Sports Programs professional staff will take the following criteria into consideration for allocating funds:

  • Quality of budget proposal and presentation
  • Compliance point totals
  • Community service efforts
  • Fundraising efforts

College Councils

Student organizations who are affiliated with a specific College or Department at NC State can typically apply for funds from their College’s student council. Each College Council process is different and some councils may not provide funding for student organizations.

Agri-Life Council (College of Agriculture and Life Sciences)

Design Council (College of Design)

  • No information available at this time.

Education Council (College of Education)

  • No information available at this time.

Engineer’s Council

Once every semester, the Engineers’ Council appropriates engineering student fees to engineering organizations.

Humanities and Social Sciences Student Council (College of Humanities and Social Sciences)

Prior to a regularly scheduled Student Council meeting, submit a bid for proposed expenses or expenses that have already been spent. The amount permitted per group per semester is $500. For expenses beyond $500, groups can apply for university Student Government funds, charge student membership dues, or fundraise.

College of Natural Resources Council

  • No information available at this time.

Poole College of Management Council

  • No information available at this time.

Sciences Council (College of Sciences)

  • No information available at this time.

Tompkins Textile Student Council (Wilson College of Textiles)

  • No information available at this time.

Private Fundraising & Funding

Student organizations can partner with private companies around the Triangle area for fundraising opportunities. Many student organizations partner with restaurants to do percentage nights where a percentage of a transaction is donated to a student organization.

Chipotle Percentage Night

Chipotle partners with many different kinds of organizations for fundraisers. University groups are eligible to apply for a Chipotle fundraiser. Student organizations can submit an application through the link below. Due to the large number of requests Chipotle receives, they cannot honor all of them. If your request is approved, they will contact you soon.

Zaxby’s Fundraising

Avants Management Group is a Zaxby’s licensee who operates 31 (and growing!) Zaxby’s restaurants in Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas. We have several great options to help you raise money for your student organization. We also help sports teams and social clubs raise needed funds. We’d love to hear from you about your fundraising needs. Please use the form below to tell us more.

Zaxby’s Donations

As a Zaxby’s licensee, Avants Management Group operates 31 (and growing!) Zaxby’s restaurants in Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas. We strive to use our time, talents, and resources to positively influence the communities in which we serve. We love to give back and are proud to be a community partner. As you can imagine, we receive many requests from individuals and organizations asking for donations, partnerships, or special events. To help us best serve as many organizations as possible, we request that you contact us first by filling out the Community Partner Request Form.

Avants Management Group has a set monthly donation maximum for our Zaxby’s restaurants, and requests are reviewed for consideration on a first-come, first-serve basis based on our donation criteria and available budget.

Due to the large number of requests we receive, we may not be able to fill every request. The earlier you get your request in, the better chance you will have for your request to be fulfilled. We recommend that you submit your request a minimum of two (2) weeks in advance before the date needed.

Cha House Raleigh

Student organizations can fundraise at Cha House Raleigh on Hillsborough street. Cha House has an average meal price of $7.00 and donates back 20% from each transaction. Apply using the link below.

Gumby’s Pizza

Student organizations can fundraise at Gumby’s Pizza on Hillsborough street. Gumby’s Pizza has an average meal price of $9.00 and donates back 25% from each transaction. Apply using the link below.

Mellow Mushroom

Have a deliciously awesome group meal where the Mellow Mushroom donates back a percentage of sales to your cause! Mellow Mushroom will donate back 10%. Apply using the link below.

Papa Murphy’s Falls of Neuse Rd

Student organizations can fundraise at Papa Murphy’s on Falls of Neuse Rd, Raleigh. Papa Murphy’s has an average meal price of $14.00 and donates back 33% from each transaction. Apply using the link below.

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