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Current Legislation

Legislation Status Definitions

  • First Reading – The legislation has been submitted, and will be charged to a Committee at the next Senate meeting.
  • In Committee – The legislation is under review in Committee. Please check the SG Calendar for upcoming Committee Meetings and agendas.
  • Failed in Committee – The legislation did not proceed to Second Reading by Committee Vote.
  • Second Reading – The legislation has passed Committee review by vote, and will be considered at the next Senate meeting. Please see the Legislation Report for summary.
  • Passed, Awaiting Signature – The legislation passed by Senate Vote, but still need to be Officiated by signature.
  • Engrossed – The legislation has corrected post-adoption of the Senate, and is prepared for signature.
  • Officiated – Engrossed, with official signature.
  • Failed – The legislation did not pass by Senate vote.
  • Ruled Out of Order – The legislation was found to be in violation of some form of Rule or Law, and is no longer being considered by Senate (See “Notes” for information.)

Reach Out

If you have policy concerns, questions about legislation, or ideas for new initiatives, please reach out to the Student Senate President, your Senators, or a Senate committee.

Archives of Legislative Directories